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You have choices with NCWU's majors & minors

NC Wesleyan offers a variety of popular Majors & Minors and our academic programs are designed to give you the opportunity to find your path and achieve success. Choose from among six areas of study including Business, Education & Social Science, Mathematics & Sciences, Humanities, Liberal Studies, and Pre-Professional. You can access the complete course plan for each area from this page.

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School of Business Majors & Minors

NC Wesleyan means business! We offer Bachelor of Science degrees in five business majors. Each is rooted in a strong liberal arts foundation and focuses on the development of management skills and personal characteristics necessary for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

The program assures that students understand the fundamental nature of an organization’s economic, legal, international and social environments as well as the traditional functional areas in business organizations including accounting, finance, management, marketing and operations.

School of Social Sciences and Education Majors & Minors

Were you born to serve? Whether your interest is teaching, social service, criminal justice, counseling, or another form of service, NC Wesleyan has a program designed to help you flourish in your field.

Our education and social science degree prepare learners for adaptable roles in a wide variety of professions in both the public and private sector. Students can choose from Education and Social Sciences’ academic programs in Education, History, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. We provide a firm foundation with emphasis on effective communication and analysis of information, critical thinking, writing and speaking skills and practical experience. Our education and social science students can also view social problems from well-informed cultural and global perspectives suited to the demands of a changing world.

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School of Mathematics & Sciences Majors & Minors

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Interested in Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Exercise Science, or Mathematics? We have a program for you!

NC Wesleyan’s Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree programs support student immersion in fields that include natural and applied sciences, the health sciences, the study and teaching of mathematics, and preparation for professional or graduate degrees.

Our programs not only provide a sound background in scientific disciplines, they include opportunities for students to develop the oral communication, writing and reasoning skills needed to research and explore the sciences. A student who chooses one of our degree programs in mathematics and sciences will be guided by our faculty through a curriculum that promotes a life-long interest and an active role in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

School of Humanities

The Humanities Division at North Carolina Wesleyan develops students into life-long learners who are intellectually curious, ethically aware, and civically responsible. The humanities are at the center of the liberal arts education available at North Carolina Wesleyan University. Courses offered within the Humanities Division Majors & Minors include Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theater, and Music.

North Carolina Wesleyan University humanities students learn to value the past, appreciate the arts, practice critical thinking and close reading, express themselves clearly in speech and writing, and engage deeply with the important questions of life.

Entertainment Arts Program includes concentrations in:

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Multidisciplinary Programs of Study: Liberal Studies

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The Liberal Studies degree program allows a student to design an individualized program of studies that forms a multidisciplinary major in an area not covered through one of Wesleyan’s existing majors. You can choose from one of three, pre-approved courses of study: Communication, American Studies, and International Studies. Students will then take a required liberal studies seminar and develop a program of study with a faculty sponsor.

Want a custom major? NCWU offers Liberal Arts students the chance to major in an Individualized Program of Study that fits their interests.

Pre-approved Programs of Study

The three pre-approved programs of study are already established and can be taken by any student.

Pre-Law/ Pre-Health Professionals Advising

North Carolina Wesleyan University offers outstanding pre-health and pre-law professions curricula for those students who plan to apply for admission to professional programs such as law, medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, optometry, podiatry, and nursing. There is no “one” major that is required for admissions to any professional school in the health professions. All professional schools have specific courses that they require for admission, and a student may major in many different potential majors as long as they take the courses that are required for admission to the professional schools in the specific field of interest.

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