Examine the intricacies of the marketplace and discover what makes a person choose certain products. Learn ideas and innovations for new audiences, while always keeping the consumer’s best interest in mind.

What You’ll Study

The Marketing major provides an understanding of the important concepts of marketing. This major will prepare the student to practice marketing in a changing, competitive, global environment. It focuses on understanding customer needs, developing products or services, creating and implementing marketing plans, monitoring customer responses and projecting marketing activities for the future. A marketing major offers a comprehensive understanding of the marketing role, including advertising and promotion, consumer behavior, retailing, Internet marketing, services marketing, market research and strategy. The learning process is enhanced with projects, case studies and simulations.

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Faculty & Staff

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Marketing Program Overview

Majoring in Marketing provides students with the ability to develop marketing plans, determine customer needs and understand the changing competitive global environment through the completion of projects, case studies and simulations. Graduates of the program will understand internet marketing, market research, advertising and promotion and strategy.

Here are some highlighted courses included in the Marketing Major:

BUS 206 – Principles of Management

A survey of the primary functions of management including planning organizing, leading and controlling. Emphasis on the importance of management as it relates to the various functional areas of both manufacturing and service businesses.

ENG 304 – Business Communication

Development of critical writing used in business, science, technology and government. The course will emphasize library research in professionally-related fields, assigned essays and reports, letters and memoranda oral communications, case analyses and job search strategies.

MKT 205 – Principles of Marketing

Introduces marketing as a vital business activity in the American economy. Describes the marketing environment, marketing analysis and strategy and the marketing program.

MKT 318 – Consumer Behavior

Psychological, sociological, economic and other dimensions of consumers and their environments.

MKT 320 – Services Marketing

This course allows students to evaluate marketing in service industries and/or organizations with a strong service component. Students will be able to expand on ideas from their marketing courses to make the concepts specifically applicable to service industry settings.

MKT 321 – Internet Marketing

This course introduces a framework for learning and implementing effective Internet marketing programs. Four stages of customer website awareness will be reviewed and applied: awareness, exploration, expansion, commitment and dissolution when necessary.

What are the courses like in Marketing Major at NCWU?

Check out our latest university catalog for learning goals, course descriptions and suggested plans of study for NC Wesleyan University’s Marketing Program.

At NCWU, our marketing program focuses on three objectives:

  • Preparing you to practice marketing in a changing, competitive, global environment
  • Encouraging valuable ideas and innovation with real-world applications
  • Understanding of marketing principles, consumer behavior, social and digital media, Internet marketing and marketing strategy

How does this degree prepare students for a career?

The business world presents opportunities for creative and motivated students who excel in pitching ideas and making them a reality. With a huge demand for individuals trained to help businesses grow their reach and pool of consumers, the versatile set of skills you’ll develop by pursuing a degree in marketing from NCWU will open doors and opportunities that are endless.

Job outlook for marketing careers

Jobs related to marketing are relatively abundant as it is an ever-growing field with a large demand. For market research analysts, as an example, employment is projected to grow 18% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Career Options

  • Marketing majors can pursue careers in new product or service research and development.
  • Careers in product or service sales are well-suited to graduates with Marketing degrees.
  • Marketing professionals work in the advertising industry to advise and coordinate advertising content for maximum sales.
  • Marketing graduates are primed for e-Commerce, a method of marketing products based on internet usage.

Wondering what you can do with a degree with this major? Check out these resources from NCWU Career Development & Leadership and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET).

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