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What You’ll Study

Criminal Justice is a major that helps students identify and explain the patterns of criminal behavior and to analyze society’s ability to control crime and delinquency. Students majoring in Criminal Justice study crime, criminals, and the criminal justice system through an interdisciplinary approach that combines legal studies, sociology, political science, psychology, forensic science, public administration, urban studies, and philosophy. Criminal justice focuses on the definitions, causes, and prevention of crime, and with legal processes and the treatment and rehabilitation of offenders.

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Criminal Justice Program Overview

The mission of the Criminal Justice major at North Carolina Wesleyan University is to educate students in the three areas of the criminal justice system: Law Enforcement, Judiciary, Corrections. The degree may also prepare students for advanced degrees and for positions within the criminal justice system and related entities. Students are also encouraged to engage in lifelong learning and community involvement. Students are encouraged to complete FEMA Emergency Management Institute training for professional development and career preparedness. These educational opportunities are particularly relevant for current professionals and those interested in incident command systems. Students are encouraged to discuss the opportunity with their advisor for additional information.

Here are some highlighted courses included in the Criminal Justice Major:

JUS 293 – Criminal Law

Criminal law includes the study of the most common crimes prosecuted in American courts, including homicide, sexual assault and theft. The student will also learn about the common defenses, including insanity and self-defense.

JUS 301 – Criminology

The study of criminal behavior as it relates to several varieties of crime is the focus of this course. Major emphasis will be placed on the evolution of criminological theories.

JUS 310 – Reporting for Criminal Justice Professionals

This course focuses on the reporting required to document encounters with criminals, victims, witnesses and other criminal justice professionals which must be in detail and in compliance with criminal and civil laws.

JUS 205 – Police in Society

This course is designed to be an objective academic analysis of formal social control in our society, including the philosophies, limitations and responsibilities of police. The course will focus on the human dimension of policing and the interactive relationship between the police and the public.

JUS 405 – Evidence

A survey of the most common rules of evidence with emphasis on the use of these rules in the courtroom and the theories underlying the rules. Subjects will include hearsay, relevance and circumstantial evidence.

JUS 325 – Criminal Procedure

This course is designed to allow students to discuss and analyze recent and past U.S. Supreme Court cases in areas of police procedures, confessions, searches and seizures, entrapment, electronic eavesdropping, pretrial process and the adjudication process.

What are the courses like in Criminal Justice Major at NCWU?

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How does this degree prepare students for a career?

Criminal Justice majors study topics in every aspect of crime, the law, and the justice system. This education and set of skills can help prepare you for a variety of different careers. Criminal Justice jobs often are found in the following areas: Public Safety, Corrections, Security, Education & Training, Law and Government and Public Administration careers.

Career Options

  • Careers in law including paralegal and attorney (with appropriate graduate and/or specialized training).
  • Professions in the Correctional System including penal system management and probation services for adults and juveniles.
  • Policing and law enforcement careers including sworn police officer and private security personnel.
  • Private Security Design and Administration: Design unique security systems for public and private sites.

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Wesleyan is dedicated to assisting students in their professional development offering resources and guidance for hands-on learning experiences through internships, assignments within the courses and job search resources. Let us help you focus on your education and career at the same time!

Finish Strong With A Graduate Degree in Criminal Justice

NCWU also offers an award-winning Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) that is designed with concentrations in both criminal justice practice and criminal justice administration.

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