3+1 Accelerated Degree Program

Bachelor’s to Master’s 


Same Admission Process. Same High-Quality Curriculum.

3+1 Accelerated Degree Program

The accelerated undergraduate-to-graduate pathway affords traditional students, adult students or transfer students the ability to complete their bachelor’s in three years and masters in one. Earn both degrees in just four years, gain a competitive edge over your peers and enter the workforce equipped with an advanced degree to set yourself apart.

For Community College graduates, you would be able to complete your undergraduate and graduate degrees in 2 – 2.5 years. Concentrations for the MBA and MSCJ programs are available. Please visit our Graduate Programs for additional information.

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How it Works

Attend full-time (including summers) and complete your bachelors and master’s degree in four years. We call it the 3+1 degree option… a streamlined approach to quickly pursuing you career!

  • Attend full-time, complete bachelor’s and master’s degree in four years
  • Receive same high-quality curriculum as standard degree paths
  • Experience same admissions process
  • Simply share your interest upon acceptance into Wesleyan, and an academic advisor will help you develop a personalized pathway

Why Pursue a 3+1 Degree?

  • Complete bachelor’s and master’s quicker than pursuing them separately
  • Same high quality curriculum as standard degree paths
  • Community College Associate graduates can pursue a 2+1 pathway
  • Save on costs of graduate admission tests, application fees, and extra courses.

Program Features & Highlights:


Easy application process and NO application fees! Accelerated courses online, seated or in a hybrid format. One simple admissions process. Available at all 10 campus locations.


Tailored program to get the skills and expertise you need to elevate your career and enter the workforce equipped with an advanced degree.


Tuition is benchmarked against private institutions and there are minimal fees. Plus, financial aid and scholarships are available.


Our engaging faculty have real-world professional experience to ensure you are challenged and supported through practical coursework.

3+1 Advanced Degree Overview


  • Complete 40 semester hours per year (including summers)
  • Successfully follow three-year personalized academic plan to completion 
  • Students must meet all GPA requirements for satisfactory academic progress as outlined in the college catalog.

Acceptance to the graduate programs is competitive and contingent on the student successfully meeting all undergraduate requirements, applying for graduation, bachelor degree conferral and meeting graduate admissions criteria.

3+1 advanced degree
  • Accounting + MBA
  • Business Administration + MBA
  • Computer Information Systems + MBA
  • Criminal Justice + MSCJ
  • Healthcare Administration + MBA
  • Marketing + MBA
  • Organizational Leadership + MBA
  • Sports Administration + MBA
  • Supply Chain Management + MBA

NOTE: Concentrations for the MBA and MSCJ programs are available. Please visit our Graduate Programs for additional information.