Student Engagement


As a student at NCWU, we want you to be active through social, educational, and cultural events and programs. We offer out-of-class learning experiences that reinforce classroom lessons and help you to develop into well-rounded students. Student engagement is vital to rewarding social lives, strengthening leadership skills, and the desire to make a difference on campus and in the community.

Most all of our events and programs are chosen by NCWU students and reflects the diverse interests of our student community. During your University career, you are encouraged to get involved and make the most of your experience.

Student Organizations

With 25+ student clubs, 18 varsity sports, various intramural sports, plus numerous volunteer and internship opportunities here in Rocky Mount, you’ll find your niche at Wesleyan.

We encourage each student to join a club or organization, participate in service projects or take advantage of leadership opportunities. You can hone your gaming skills with BGA, maintain your fitness and wellness with the Health & Movement Science Club, learn about conservation, preservation and biodiversity with the “B” Club. You can sing, dance or engage in an organized activity such as disc/frisbee golf, pool or paintball, as well as enjoy open conversations that are real and relevant with our ministry organizations. NC Wesleyan students are always utilizing their creativity and skills to build their collective future.

We also have great environments where you can relax with friends at the Burger + Fries, Bishop Bistro Cafe, Hartness Student Center, Cyber Lounge or in a hammock on the front lawn. Whether you want to pursue your passions, explore new opportunities or simply decompress from studies, there’s plenty to do at Wesleyan.

Personal Relationships with Staff Members

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) staff members are available to help student leaders operate successfully and responsibly within the framework of the University’s mission and policies. They serve as a resource to all students in finding the right student organization to join, creating an organization, and/or realizing a vision for programs.

Choose how you want to get involved.

University Clubs and Organizations


3W Ministries develops individuals by teaching the Word of God which produces Worship through relationship with Christ & Works based in faith! In addition to various events throughout the year, we meet once a week for in-depth teaching and open conversations that are real and relevant for everyone!

Advisor: Teikisha Anderson,

Anime Club

Our purpose is to create our own manga and to enjoy what members like in the Anime and Magna world so members can connect in friendship to each other as Anime and Manga enthusiasts. To encourage enthusiasts of Anime and Magna to join a friendly group setting to express their interests.

Advisor: Elliott Smith:

Art Club

The Art Club is a safe space for all creatives to gather together. The Art Club welcomes all levels of artists, to learn from each other, and to showcase and share all types of expressive forms.

Advisor: Montana Torrey,

The “B” Club

b club logoThe B Club’s purpose is to bring biodiversity to Wesleyan through the promotion of ideas that will bring new animals and plants to campus. We maintain the bee hive that is on campus along with maintaining future birdhouses, bird baths, and plants that are brought to campus for the attraction of bats, birds, and butterflies. We also act as advocates for sustainability and environmental protection and conservation. We also educate the campus and community on conservation, preservation, and biodiversity.

Advisor: Ayra Sundbom,

Bishop Disc Golf Association

disc gold logoBishop Disc Golf Association provides the students, faculty, and staff of NCWU with the entertainment of disc golf. Our 18-hole course, managed by the Bishop Disc Golf Club, is free to play for the community and follows a majority of the walking trail, showing off the beauty of our University. NC Wesleyan University’s course mixes the challenges of the sport with a scenic tour of campus.

Advisor: Marcus Rich,

Bishops & Dragons Club

Bishops and dragons red logoBishops & Dragons is a student-led RPG club whose purpose is to learn, play and create unique and creative RPG games.

Advisor: Lucas Berrini,

Bishop Gaming Association

The Bishop Gaming Association is NCWU’s premier Esports Program that is devoted to promoting the culture of gaming by providing experiences, advice, awareness and resources to students interested in exploring, playing and discussing video games of all platforms.

Advisor: Chantoni Grant,



Black Men Winning

Our mission is “To uplift the African-American males of NC Wesleyan morally, spiritually, academically, financially, and any other personal aspects. This is a socio-cultural organization. This group was founded based on the needs of the majority of African-American males at NC Wesleyan.

Advisor: Kelvin Spragley,

Black Student Association

The purpose of the Black Student Association is to provide support, community and cultural engagement to minorities on campus.

Advisor: Patricia Brewer,

Bulls Club (Investment Club)

The purpose of The Bulls Club is to learn and share knowledge about how the stock market works. Members can share knowledge, discuss investment strategies, and learn from each other’s experiences. The club provides a valuable platform for students to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals while exploring the world of finance and investing.

Advisor: Dr. Paul Ewell,

Health & Movement Science Club

health & science club logoThe purpose of the Health & Movement Science Club is to provide students of Exercise Science an opportunity to establish a connection between NCWU and the community of Rocky Mount through fitness & wellness events. This will be achieved by promoting social, academic and professional relationships both on and off campus. Visit the Health & Movement Science Club Website for more information.

Advisor: Dr. Danielle Braxton,

President: Dunya Qasem
Vice President: Zachary Marquis
Treasurer: Maxima Iglesias
Rep/Social Media:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a campus ministry that meets weekly for the purpose of discipleship, evangelism, outreach and fellowship using the platform of athletes.

Advisor: Carol Carson,

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Get involved with NCWU’s FFA Program and learn different farming and agricultural techniques. The FFA program educates its members on farm animals and how to properly care for them. We will also endeavor to foster a healthy learning environment where our members will develop their leadership skills, promote positive personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

Advisor: Carl Lewis,

IMPACT- Wesleyan Business Society

The Wesleyan Business Society or “Impact” is a society for business school majors and minors that promotes practical education and application of business concepts through a business-style application process. The society incorporates: guest speakers from the field of business, group discussions, networking and collaboration meetings, and projects designed to improve and prepare the individual for the business field. This is a high engagement and commitment society with immense personal advancement potential. In short, this society is designed to emulate business fundamentals that reflect real world experience.

Advisor: Paul Ewell,

International Bishop Association

logo with earth and heart

The International Bishop Association promotes cultural awareness, provides opportunities for students to participate in activities of cultural and international interest, and provides advocacy and support for the NCWU International Community.

The International Bishop Association (IBA) of NCWU seeks to:

  • Increase the knowledge and awareness of students in the area of cultural and international affairs.
  • To promote relationships between international and domestic Bishops.
  • Provide cross-cultural exchange with the NCWU campus and the Rocky Mount area.
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in cultural and social activities.
  • Give back to our college and community through service opportunities.
  • Utilize international students as cultural consultants by partnering with local schools/agencies.

In pursuit of these goals, IBA engages in hosting social events, hosting campus speakers, etc. visiting sites of cultural and international significance and giving back to our Bishop and surrounding community.

Advisor: Dawn Turner,

National Society of Leadership & Success

The NSLS is the largest leadership honor society in the United States. Our NSLS chapter was started in 2017 and is part of the national organization with 700+ chapters and over 1.4 million members. Students are selected based on exemplary academic achievement. Members have access to, more than $400,000 in scholarships, an exclusive NSLS job board, a personalized letter of recommendation and who learn from exceptional leaders like former President Barack Obama during exclusive Speaker Broadcasts. Learn more at

Advisor: Tanisha Reed,

Optimist International NCWU Club

The Optimist International NCWU is a club dedicated to volunteer work within our community.

Advisor: Mark Hinson,

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is open to people that major in Psychology and/or have an interest in the field. We follow a constitution that was created by members and executive board. Members have taken the responsibility of running the club and its successful events.

Advisor: Dr. Fred Sanborn,

Refuge Campus Ministries

Refuge Campus Ministries allows students to learn and grow in their walk with Jesus Christ. With a laid-back and friendly atmosphere, students commune together to enjoy food and fellowship. Our goal is to spread the love of Jesus with the campus of NC Wesleyan and beyond its serpentine walls.

Advisor: Khira Young

Redeemer College Ministry

Redeemer College MinistryRedeemer is a Christian college ministry that seeks to engage and disciple students at NCWU.

Advisor: Elliott Smith,

Rotaract Club

Rotary is a sponsored service club sponsored by the local Rotary Club for men and women ages 18-30. Rotary consists of community, professional and networking activities.

Advisor: Greg Clifton,


The purposes of the ROTC Club is to help improve the overall quality of the Army ROTC program at NCWU, enhance the professional and academic development of the cadets, as well as provide services to its membership and to the University.

Advisor: James Mercer,

Sexuality And Gender Acceptance (S.A.G.A)

SAGA Seeks to educate and acknowledge all groups and spectrums of specific sexualities and genders, allowing for better understanding and communication amongst LGBTQ people and allies to form a tolerating and accepting community on this campus.

Advisor: Kaitlin Pericak

Science Club

The Science Club encourages students to pursue careers in science-related fields and keeps the university and community informed on health-related issues, as well as participating in community service.

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Elias,

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

The mission statement of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee at North Carolina Wesleyan University is to improve the experience of student athletes on campus and in our conference and to help the community that we live in.

Advisor: Cooper Hall,

Student North Carolina Association of Educators (SNCAE)

SNCAE helps to inform those enrolled in the Education program. We help organize students by offering workshops to prepare for future tasks. We are also there to support all of our students.

Advisor: Dr. Patricia Brewer,

Student Veteran Association

The purpose of the Student Veterans Association is to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation.

Advisor: Laura Estes,

Voices of Triumph

We are a group of young adult college students who dare to step out and be different in word, thoughts, and our actions.  We don’t just sing!  We are the songs that we minister.  We are believers!  We are victorious!  We are intelligent!  We are VOT!!!

Advisor: Erma Hedgepeth,

WesCIS (Computer Science Club)

The computer science club is an extracurricular study based group for anyone who is interested in computer technology or information systems to help improve ourselves, our communities and, our knowledge of computers.

Advisor: Sherry Williamson,

Wesleyan Iron Empire (Powerlifting student group)

This is a Powerlifting club. Powerlifting is a sport that has its roots in the strength training that was done in Ancient Greece, it represents resilience, work ethic, and commitment. In Powerlifting, we aim to perform three exercises at the highest level possible, all on the same competition day, Squats, Bench, and Deadlift. We strive for greatness as athletes and as human beings, making ourselves stronger not only physically, but also mentally.

Advisor: Jimmy Lee,

As an NCWU student, you have the opportunity to explore our co-curricular transcripts program, WesQuest, a FREE platform that enhances student engagement and success. Designed to assist students in constructing a co-curricular experience to gain necessary skills, WesQuest provides a simple platform to track students’ experiences and learning outcomes. Beginning with their freshman year, students can chart their pathway through WesQuest which will help them prepare for their career and beyond. Measuring your achievement of the competencies employers desire, WesQuest is your dynamic, real-time co-curricular transcript to show others your experiences at Wesleyan

Created to complement our academic curriculum, WesQuest delivers transformative, experiential learning and engagement opportunities that prepare students for successful careers and responsible citizenship.

NCWU Current Internationally Recognized Greek Organizations

fraternity logo

Nu Gamma Phi Fraternity

Nu Gamma Phi is a local fraternal organization of North Carolina Wesleyan University, whose purpose and aim shall be to promote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to uphold the traditions and ideals of North Carolina Wesleyan University, to encourage excellence in scholarship, and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of ethics, mutual respect of all people and good citizenship.

Nu Gamma Phi Fraternity, was formed in 1966. Nu Gamma Phi (NGP) was the first Greek organization as well as the first integrated student group at Wesleyan. For decades, Nu Gamma Phi has been active on the Wesleyan campus and in the Rocky Mount community. The men from Nu Gamma Phi go on to become very successful businessmen and community leaders.

The Return of Nu Gamma Phi >

Alpha Kappa Alpha (Tau Gamma Chapter) Sorority, Inc.

The purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and alleviate problems among girls and women, to maintain a progressive interest in college life and to be of service to all mankind.

Alpha Phi Alpha (Omicron Beta Chapter) Fraternity, Inc.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is the first African American Greek-letter organization. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was founded on December 4, 1906 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Kappa Alpha Psi (Eta Psi Colony) Fraternity, Inc.

Kappa Alpha Psi is a Greek Letter Organization founded on the concept of Achievement. Their motto is “Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavors”. Kappa Alpha Psi was founded on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana on January 5, 1911.

Advisor: Jalen Anderson,

Student Activities is consistently working to add additional Greek Organizations for students to explore. For the most up-to-date information, please contact Elliott Smith, Director of Student Activities, at

NC Wesleyan students on wall

Student Entertainment & Activities Team

The Student Entertainment & Activities Team (S.E.A.T.) is comprised of students who select, plan, and implement activities and entertainment with both social and educational dimensions. These events vary and may include comedians, novelty acts, concerts, trips, dances, homecoming week, spring fling week and much more.

All students are encouraged to play an active role in S.E.A.T. It is a great way to meet other students and learn skills outside of the classroom. Whether it is program planning, publications and promotions, or helping with the events, S.E.A.T. provides fellowship and helps foster a spirit of community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of S.E.A.T. or applying for an executive council position, please contact Elliott Smith, Director of Student Activities, at

Student Government Association

North Carolina Wesleyan University’s Student Government Association (SGA) is responsible for addressing student concerns, allocating funds and supervising the Association’s committees. Officers of the SGA are elected by the students each year to conduct student government business. Students who are not elected to executive positions may also participate in a variety of ways. Every student is encouraged to become active in student government through participating in elections, attending meetings, becoming involved in committees, and by contributing ideas and concerns through their elected representatives.

2022-2023 SGA Officers

President: Shane Vick

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Makayla Ahart

Treasurer: Nyesha Leary

Parliamentarian: Madison Shoulders

Student Government logo for NCWU

Hartness Student Center

Hours of Operation:

Sunday: 5:00 – 10:00 pm
Monday-Thursday:  Noon to 11:00 pm
Friday: Noon to 10:00 pm
Saturday: Closed

Main Hartness Room

The Hartness Center Main Room offers multiple areas for students to relax and hang out together. There are pool and ping-pong tables, The Recharge Entertainment Area, and The Loft available daily for students.

WoW Cafe

An evening dining location that serves American cuisine and specialty chicken wings.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday (lunch): 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Sunday – Thursday (dinner): 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 


The Hartness Center offers private and semi-private rooms and areas that students or student groups can reserve free of charge for gatherings, meetings, or events.

Esports Arena

The University’s Esports Program is also housed in the Hartness Center.


R.O.T.C., Cheer & Dance, Student Activities, S.E.A.T, Student Government, and Cross Country offices are all housed in the Hartness Center. See individual doors for office hours.

Pep Band performs as a spirit band for the Wesleyan community and at athletic events. The band is open to all Wesleyan students and community members with previous instrumental experience. The band consists of woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments.

For more information, contact:
Leo Nieves

ncwc band at athletic game

Wesleyan Singers is one of Wesleyan’s oldest performing ensembles. The group was founded in 1960 by Dr. William G. Sasser, the College’s first professor of music. The Wesleyan Singers learn and perform a wide variety of music including classical, spirituals, show tunes and popular selections. In addition to presenting a concert each semester, the group provides music for special events on campus as well as in the community. Wesleyan students, faculty, staff and members of the local community are welcome to join this ensemble.

For more information, contact:
Tom Parker

wesleyan singers

Applied instruction in piano and organ are currently offered to Wesleyan students at beginning to advanced levels. Instruction in other instruments may be available in the future.

Piano Instruction

Tom Parker (

Organ Instruction

Tom Parker (

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