Sociology Major

As a Sociology major, you’ll study human behavior and social interactions while discovering effective solutions to social issues.

Understand Society with our Sociology Program at NCWU

The discipline of sociology provides students with a unique perspective that emphasizes critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and effective communication skills. Sociology majors are highly sought after in various industries due to their capacity to analyze complex social systems, work in diverse teams and find effective solutions to social issues.

Higher education degrees in sociology provide students with an opportunity to specialize in particular areas of sociology, like criminology, social stratification, gender studies, human rights, global sociology, and environmental sociology. A degree in sociology provides students with strong research skills and the ability to take on in-depth studies, making them highly qualified for research positions in various industries, universities, and governmental organizations. Sociology majors with postgraduate degrees are in high demand and typically earn competitive salaries, making it an excellent career choice for those interested in making a meaningful impact in the world.

What You’ll Study

Sociology majors will study a range of topics and concepts related to the scientific study of society and human behavior. They will explore the ways in which individuals and groups interact and the social factors that influence these interactions. They will also examine the impact of institutions such as government, media, and education on individuals and society as a whole. Through courses in research methods and statistics, sociology majors will learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret data related to these various fields of study.

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Faculty & Staff

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Sociology Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology provides the student with the tools useful in understanding the social organization of life at the individual and institutional levels. Through the development of conceptual and research knowledge, the program emphasizes the use of critical and analytical thought in recognizing and participating in “sociology in action” in the professional, social and academic arenas. Students who successfully complete this program demonstrate effectiveness in oral and written communication, which prepares them for careers with growth potential in social service fields, studies in social science disciplines at the graduate level and lifelong application of sociological knowledge.

The Sociology program focuses on the systematic study of social institutions and social relationships through the application of theory and research. Courses give students the opportunity to examine social change and analyze issues that surround us daily, such as race, gender, social class, deviant behavior, family environments and more.

Here are some highlighted courses included in the Sociology Major:

SOC 101 – Principles of Sociology

An introduction to the concepts of the organization of social life emphasizing social structure, culture and social change. The student acquires a “tool box of analytical concepts” useful throughout life for understanding one’s social milieux.

SOC 308 – Social Research Methods

A study of the logic and methods of social science research and its application including: project design; measurement, collection, analysis and interpretation of data; and ethical implications of social research.

SOC 315 – Sociology in the Field

An introduction to basic social science field research skills including observation, interview and survey.

SOC 410 – Social Theory

A capstone course featuring core sociological insights: their grounding in fundamental concepts, their historical development in theory construction and their usefulness in understanding the transition of American society into the twenty-first century.

MAT 213 – Elementary Statistics

Topics will include descriptive statistical techniques including sampling techniques, collection of data, frequency distributions, graphing of data and analysis of data (measures of central tendency, location and spread); introduction to relationships between quantitative variables (correlation and least squares regression); probability rules with known probability distributions such as binomial and normal distributions; introduction to statistical inference (confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and making predictions).

What are the courses like in Sociology Major at NCWU?

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How does this degree prepare students for a career?

Careers in sociology offer many paths for professionals in business, education, and health sectors. Sociology graduates can pursue careers such as market research analysts and mental health counselors, high school teachers or even earn a doctorate to teach college courses.

Career Options

  • Firms Employing Survey Research Methods
  • Public Agencies that Coordinate Services for People or Families
  • Social and Mental Health Agencies
  • Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Sociologist
  • Survey Researcher
  • Postsecondary Teacher
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Human Resources Specialist

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The Alpha Zeta of North Carolina Chapter at North Carolina Wesleyan University was officially started in Spring 2022 by Drs. Kaitlin Pericak and Amy Karnehm Willis.

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is the International Sociology Honors Society that seeks to promote excellence in the scholarship in the study of social problems, sociology, and intellectual activities that lead to the improvement in the human condition.

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