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Resources for the Media such as Brand Standards, Logos, Social Media Guidelines, and more that help build the Bishop brand and tell the NC Wesleyan story.

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Need something from us that is media-related? We will be glad to help as much as possible. If you are searching for branded resources such as logos etc., see the below section. Select the button below to submit your details.

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Branding Resources

We believe a successful college career starts with a strong foundation.  As a thriving Marketing & Communication team, we also BELIEVE that the NC Wesleyan brand has to have a strong foundation. The Marketing staff creates design, photography and writing for a variety of media, including advertising, printed materials, social media, videos, and the college website.

Every marketing project cannot begin without a plan. It is our duty to make sure that promotional materials, websites, and events adhere to our brand.  As brand ambassadors, writers, designers, photographers, and web developers we are all called upon to help shape our brand. This page will direct you — ensuring that we communicate the NC Wesleyan brand consistently.

Brand Guide

NCWU Brand Standards flipbook preview


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