Overview & Academics

Law schools do not require a specific major for admission. Information about admission to law schools is available from the websites of individual schools and from the website of the Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law schools at Students interested in applying for law school should consider taking any major in which they have a personal interest and which helps develop their writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. The Pre-Law faculty advisor can help you with mapping out a program of studies that will help you prepare for law school.

The American Bar Association believes that the best preparation for law school is to take challenging courses in a variety of disciplines. Taking courses marked as Writing Intensive (WI) is good preparation for law school. Courses that can help students develop their writing, speaking and critical thinking skills include:

Business Division

  • ACC 200 Fundamentals of Accounting
  • BUS 207 The Legal Environment
  • ECO 201 Principles of Economics I (Macro Economics)
  • ECO 202 Principles of Economics II (Micro Economics)

Humanities Division

  • ENG 130 Fundamentals of Communication
  • ENG 302 Advanced Composition
  • ENT 140 Oral Communication Methods
  • PHI 202 Ethics

Education & Social Sciences Division

  • HIS 111 The United States to 1865
  • HIS 112 The United States Since 1865
  • JUS/POL 410 Constitutional Law
  • JUS 293 Criminal Law
  • JUS 310 Reporting for Criminal Justice Professionals
  • POL 112 American Political System
  • POL 310 Political Economy
  • POL 400 American Political Thought
  • POL 401 Ideals and Ideology
  • PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
  • SOC 400 Sociology of the Workplace
  • SOC 460 Deviant Behavior and Social Control

Pre-Law Faculty

Mr. Christopher Lusby
Visiting Instructor of Criminal Justice
J.D., Campbell University School of Law