Academic Advising

All Wesleyan students are assigned an advisor who will provide assistance with course selection, major exploration and degree planning. First-year students have professional advisors who work in the Student Success Center.  They support students as part of the First Year Experience program.  Upon completion of the first year of college, students are assigned a faculty advisor who will assist them in their remaining years at Wesleyan.

Professional and faculty advisors assist students in clarifying their values, goals and interests as well as understanding the nature and purpose of higher education.  In addition, advisors help students understand the Univesity’s general education requirements, prepare fall and spring term registrations, and assist students with fulfilling college requirements. The advising process involves planning an educational program consistent with the student’s interests and abilities while providing accurate information about educational options, requirements, policies and procedures.

Students can view who their advisor is on their course schedule.  It is recommended that students check in regularly with their advisor and make the most of the advising relationship.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about advising:

How do I monitor my academic progress?

Talk to your advisor!  He or she can show you the list of degree requirements and help you make a plan to complete those in a reasonable about of time.

When do I declare a major?

Students can declare a major at any point in the semester.  Advisors encourage students to research the career they want, the major they are considering, and the course requirements of that major before completing paperwork to declare a major.

How do I choose a major that’s a good fit for me?

Some students know what they want to major in when they arrive.  Others have to do some exploration!  The First Year Seminar course (COL 103) will help with this discovery by having career assessments and discussions with peers and faculty.

How do I change my schedule if I want to drop or add a class?

During the first week of class we have a “drop/add period” of time.  A student can change their schedule without grade notation during this time.  Your advisor can help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

Why do I need an advisor?

It is normal to have many questions throughout your college career!  In a new place, one can feel disoriented and need someone to help explain how to navigate through each year.  Wesleyan provides a first year advisor for the first year of college and a faculty advisor for all subsequent years.  Advisors are there to support you and advocate for your success.

Here are some questions you will need to ask your advisor one-on-one:

What are my specific degree requirements?

Do I need to repeat this course?

Do I have to take this class to graduate?

What is my Student ID number and why do I need to know it?

Where do I go if I need help with…?

Have more questions?  Contact Taylor Stone, Director of Student Success at”