New Single Released Through NCWU’s 301 North Records

Raleigh area band, Soul Chatter (featuring artist, Lonely Boarders) released their newest single titled, “Mr. Inside” through 301 North Records today! Tony Sawyer, Assistant Professor of Music Production at NC Wesleyan University helped with production and worked as the mixing and mastering engineer on the project. The single is now available on all streaming services including Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iTunes and many others. 

301 North Records is the record label of NC Wesleyan University. Please visit the 301 North Records playlists on Spotify and YouTube Music to hear all our artists’ music.

soul chatter man in suit sitting in chair

Humanities Speaker Series- Dr. Eric Trinka

Dr. Eric M. Trinka, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Emory & Henry College

Dr. Eric M. Trinka, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Emory & Henry College spoke at the inaugural event of the North Carolina Wesleyan Humanities Speaker Series.

Dr. Trinka’s talk, “Joseph: Migration, Acculturation and a Tale of Two Bibles,” was held in Powers Auditorium on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at 3:00 P.M.

Omnium Issue 5 Out Now!

Check out the new issue of Omnium: The Undergraduate Research Journal at NCWU, released in August 2023. Omnium collects written work by promising undergraduate scholars. This year’s essays, perhaps in response to current political trends, cluster around questions of identity, discrimination, justice, and freedom. In the same spirit, this issue of Omnium also features a forum of op-eds written by Dr. Kelvin Spragley’s students in support of protecting African-American history, Native American history, and women’s history courses for high-school and college students. We thank Dr. Spragley for entrusting his students’ writing to the journal, invite our readers to enjoy and learn from the fifteen new essays collected here, and also encourage teachers in any discipline to use them as models in their own courses. Please use attribution when you do so.

OUR MISSIONOmnium, housed in the English Department at NCWU, provides our undergraduate students with the opportunity to explore the major genres of academic writing, join in scholarly conversations, share their ideas, perform original research, and see their work published in a professional venue. Omnium also serves as a teaching resource for NCWU faculty—and faculty at other institutions—as the essays and research articles published here reflect the skill and knowledge of real students at various stages of their academic careers, from first-year composition essays to projects created in senior seminars and honors theses. The materials lend themselves well to in-class discussion, analysis, and emulation, and we hope that students will be energized when they realize that there is no single arcane secret to writing well. All it takes is practice, motivation, and direction.

For questions about Omnium, please contact the editor, Dr. Doreen Thierauf.

Humanities Student Awards – Spring 2023

Senior English Award

This year’s recipient of the Senior English Award, Madison Moore (pictured left), has proven herself to be a dedicated and intellectually curious student who enriches any classroom with her thoughtful insights and personal warmth. During her time as an English major, she has consistently demonstrated a deep investment in her own learning and fervent desire to explore new ideas and perspectives. One member of the English faculty writes: This year’s recipient “is an exceptional student, who engages in discussions with a curiosity, an openness, and a depth of thought that is inspiring to both her classmates and instructors alike. She has an admirable ability to connect the stylistic and thematic elements of literature to real-world, human experiences and their impact. Her impressive writing combines a creative sense of style with well-organized research and compelling analysis. Her presence in any classroom is truly a joy, and as she will soon be a certified teacher, her future students will be fortunate to receive the benefits of her warmth, humor, empathy, and intelligence.”

First-Year Writing Award

Andrea Fanzaga (pictured right) has been recognized for his essay “Climate Change Greatly Influences Everyone’s Daily Life,” which he wrote for Dr. Thierauf’s English 112 class in Fall 2022. Dr. Thierauf commented that the student’s work was outstanding throughout the semester, and his paper was the most deeply researched paper she has seen since the pandemic began.

The second recipient of the First-Year Writing Award, Layali Kasem, is being recognized for her essay “The Paradoxical Nature of Heroism,” written for Dr. Templeton’s English 195 Honors class in Fall 2022. Her essay revealed a gift for careful, critical analysis and demonstrated her talents as a perceptive and thoughtful thinker and writer.

Communication Outstanding Student Award

This year’s winner of the Outstanding Student Award in Communication is Jean LaGreca. Jean is an excellent student; he is highly motivated and always prepared, even when he has to balance his course load with his busy baseball schedule. His contributions to class discussions regularly elevate the experience for everyone in the class. His work is thoughtful and critically engaged, and he does an outstanding job of connecting course material to relevant topics in intercultural communication, his area of specialization. Jean represents the very best of our Communication Program, and he is a joy to work with. There is no one more deserving of this award.

Ethics Bowl Team Claims Impressive Wins

Wesleyan’s four-member Ethics Bowl Team recorded three wins in a recent competition sponsored by the North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities. Coached by Drs. Jason Buel and Shane Thompson, the team is comprised of students Fabio Felli, Noah Larkin, Amanda Modlin, and Elizabeth Perry. The February 10-11, 2023, competition, taking place in the state legislative center in Raleigh, saw Wesleyan debate and defeat Barton, Catawba, and Livingstone colleges. The team lost to Johnson C. Smith in a split decision.

The Ethics Bowl Team (left to right): Noah Larkin, Fabio Felli, Elizabeth Perry, and Amanda Modlin. Photo courtesy of Dr. Shane Thompson.

“The team was outstanding. I was very proud of their accomplishment,” Dr. Thompson said, noting that while students do earn one credit for participating in Ethics Bowl, they must dedicate many hours of their free time to researching and preparing for the debates. Modlin, a sophomore criminal justice major, was pleased with the results as well. “I thought we did very well overall, considering it was our first in-person contest as a team.”

Read the full recap of the competition and learn more about the Ethics Bowl team in the March 2023 issue ofThe Decree.