NCWU receives Global Funding for Swale Development and Student Engagement

ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA – North Carolina Wesleyan University (NCWU) anticipates the Fall 2024 semester as their start date for beginning a project highlighting sustainability, improving biodiversity and water quality, as well as erosion prevention on its campus. The project is generously funded by Easyflyers®, a global logistics company that offers comprehensive shipping solutions. The campaign’s focus is developing a vegetated swale in an urban ditch. This green infrastructure will improve stormwater runoff management, reduce erosion, and use native plants.

easy flyers logo

Easyflyers® has been a sponsor with NC Wesleyan over the last several years. Through campus beautification projects and event sponsorships, we’ve partnered to establish a greener and more sustainable campus”, states Nichol Ally, President and Managing Director of the Americas. “The EasyFlyers® Earth Day 2023 Project at NC Wesleyan provided a natural and beautiful outdoor sitting and mediation area supplemented with unique trees.”

Earth Day 2024

The company’s Earth Day 2024 donation is funding a project referred to as “The Swale”.  It will be completed by students in Wesleyan’s biology classes and overseen by Dr. Daniel Elias who states “This project showcases both EasyFlyers® and Wesleyan’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Using native plants, we can reduce some of the impact of urbanization on our ecosystem. We are grateful that EasyFlyers® want to make earth sustainability projects a priority and allows Wesleyan to assist in these efforts.”

Students at NCWU will actively participate in this project through site preparation, plant selection, and maintenance. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to conduct water quality assessments and monitor ecosystem health as part of courses like Global Water Issue (BIO330), Agroecology (BIO226), and Environmental Science (BIO324). 

Dr. Elias emphasizes this project’s educational value, “Having our students involved in every part of this project will promote a deeper understanding of environmental science and develop a sense of responsibility towards sustainable practices.”

Further, the university plans to conduct regular monitoring to ensure the vegetated swale’s long-term success. Data collected by student-led monitoring and inspections will contribute to addressing the efficacy of green infrastructures as a solution to urbanization.