Student Success Center

The Student Success Center serves the campus community by providing a full range of programs and services designed to empower and connect Wesleyan students with the resources needed to enhance their academic and personal development.

New Student Orientation

At NC Wesleyan, New Student Orientation is called WesWay! WesWay assists students in making the transition to University and teaches the Wesleyan way of life. WesWay is a three-part experience: WesWay 101, WesWay Day, and WesWay Weekend.

  • The Course:WesWay 101 is an online course that students take in the weeks leading up to the start of classes. The course has videos and PowerPoints and prepares students for their WesWay Day.
  • The Day:WesWay Day occurs over the summer. It is the day that students come to campus and meet staff and faculty, along with new Bishop friends! Students are able to handle any University business and familiarize themselves with the campus. Wesleyan offers multiple WesWay Days and students can sign up for the day they prefer.
  • The Weekend:WesWay Weekend is the big orientation event in August when new students check in, move in, attend informative sessions and have a blast with fun activities on campus!

First-Year Advising

All first-year students are assigned to an academic advisor in the Student Success Center for their first year.  Advisors assist students in clarifying their goals and values as well as understanding the nature and purpose of higher education.  In addition, advisors help students to:

  1. Understand the University’s general education requirements
  2. Prepare fall and spring term registration
  3. Fulfill University requirements
  4. Search for majors and careers that are a good fit
  5. Utilize available resources to reach goals
  6. Set short- and long-term academic goals

The advising process involves planning an educational program consistent with the student’s interests and abilities while providing accurate information about educational options, requirements, policies, and procedures.  After the first year, students will transition to a faculty advisor in their chosen major.

First Year Experience

North Carolina Wesleyan University believes in the potential of each student to be successful at Wesleyan and the days ahead.  The First Year Experience program strives to inspire new students to maximize their potential by providing support and resources that assist them in their transition to University and the Wesleyan community.  The First Year Experience program consists of a one credit course for first-year students and unique programming throughout the year to bolster student success and engagement.

COL 103 Wesleyan Transition

COL 103 is a one-credit seminar course that assists first-year students in their University transition and helps to further orient them to the NC Wesleyan University environment.  All first-year students are enrolled in COL 103 the first semester, which is instructed by their assigned academic advisor.  The course emphasizes student success, engagement, and exploration, and encourages students in academic and personal development.

First Year Mentors

First Year Mentors are a team of dedicated and constructive student leaders that are passionate about NC Wesleyan University and believe in every student’s success.  From the beginnings at New Student Orientation and throughout the fall semester, First Year Mentors help new students connect with the Wesleyan community.  They serve as mentors and role models to first-year students, and attend an assigned COL 103 course section to be accessible and provide insight as a mentor.

First Year Programming

The First Year Experience program provides interactive academic and enhancement workshops throughout the year to address specific needs of first-year students.

Academic Support

The Student Success Center provides services to assist students in achieving overall academic success. This is done by providing programs and resources that encourage students to become active and responsible learners.  These programs and resources include Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Tutoring.  Details on these programs are below.  Tutoring schedules will be emailed to one’s campus email address throughout every semester.  To request a tutor at an unscheduled time, please use this link:

These programs and resources include:

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI is an academic assistance program that targets historically difficult courses. The program aims to help students improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades. The program offers assistance in targeted classes by providing a trained peer SI leader to assist with the subject matter. Three times each week, SI leaders conduct regularly scheduled, out-of-class, study sessions that focus on specific course content and learning skills in an attempt to integrate what to learn with how to learn.


To promote academic success on campus, peer and professional tutorial services are offered at no cost to the students.  Requesting a tutor is easily done, either online or at the Student Success Center.  After requesting a tutor, expect to hear back from him/her to set up an appointment within 2 days.

Academic Intervention

The Student Success Center serves as the hub for early intervention services.  NC Wesleyan uses an early alert system through  Through this system, faculty and staff can create early alerts for students who are facing academic, social, and/or emotional challenges.  Once an alert is received, the Coordinator of Academic Intervention notifies appropriate professionals on campus so that the student can be helped quickly.

Project Success

Project Success is a program designed to help students be successful in University through support and accountability. The program asks students to attend additional academic coaching, developmental workshops, grade and attendance monitoring, meetings with professors, and academic support services. The Coordinator of Academic Intervention oversees Project Success and is here to guide students through the program and help them find the right resources for success. Interested students may reach out to to sign up for Project Success or ask additional questions about the program.