Spiritual Life

North Carolina Wesleyan University is committed to the spiritual as well as intellectual, physical, and social growth of its students. The goal of campus Spiritual life is to provide an atmosphere of genuine care and close personal relationships. This is central to the idea of the Christian community and is conducive to spiritual growth. While Wesleyan is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, it is open to all persons, regardless of their religious beliefs. There are numerous Spiritual Life opportunities and services provided to assist students in their spiritual journey. These activities provide students the occasion to explore questions of faith, develop personal relationships through fellowship activities, express one’s faith through song or service, or to join with other members of the Wesleyan community in worship. Student Ministries meet at various locations across campus every night of the week. 

For a full list and brief descriptions of active Spiritual Life groups that currently serve the Wesleyan community, visit ncwu.edu/campus-life/spiritual-life/student-orgs/. 

Additionally, the baseball and football teams each have their own chaplains, who provide pregame messages and weekly Bible studies. The chaplains also attend several of the games each season. 

In keeping with our status as an inclusive institution, students who are interested in establishing a new campus ministry are asked to contact Elliott Smith at esmith@ncwu.edu.