Counseling and Accessibility Services

The Office of Counseling & Accessibility Services is designed to complement the University’s academic mission by assisting students with their personal and educational development through individual and group counseling, consultation, accessibility services, educational outreach, and referral in order to maximize students’ capacity for continued emotional growth and academic success.

The North Carolina Wesleyan University Counseling Center is located in the Wellness Center in the Spruill Building. We provide students with professional, confidential counseling services and outreach to help them cope with issues that may hinder academic success. The Counseling Center respects the rights of those persons seeking assistance and makes reasonable efforts to ensure that our services are used appropriately. Our services are primarily short term in nature. We assist with general mental health concerns and do not offer intensive therapy or psychiatric services. We observe a best practice protocol by making appropriate referrals to other helping professionals and community agencies for issues beyond our scope of practice.  We adhere to the ACA code of ethics. We commit to prioritize social justice with anti-racism and anti-discriminatory approaches that include a nurturing, supportive community, cultural humility, accountability, compassion, and evidence-based quality of care. Exceptions to confidentiality include (a) your written authorization for the counselor to disclose information to someone else, (b) it is determined that you are a danger to yourself or others, (c) a court of law orders the counselor to disclose information, (d) you have been sanctioned by the University for a conduct issue and your compliance must be verified.

Counseling services are available to all students enrolled at North Carolina Wesleyan University. Sessions are 50 minutes and by appointment only. You may email to request an appointment. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Virtual appointments are available upon request. Walk-in hours are Fridays from 1 to 3 pm., however there may be a wait. Walk-in sessions will be limited to 20 minutes. Therapy is hard work and an individual’s therapeutic outcome depends on their desire, dedication, effort and motivation. It is our goal to be as accessible to students as possible. It may become necessary to limit the number of sessions for an individual student who repeatedly cancels, reschedules, or fails to fully engage or show up for appointments. Please notify the counseling center at least 24 hours prior to your appointment if you are unable to keep your appointment. In the event you have a mental health emergency and need immediate assistance, dial the National Crisis Line at 988. Campus Safety can be reached at 252-985-5585.

The purpose of Accessibility Services is to provide equal access opportunities, including the establishment and coordination of academic accommodations, auxiliary aids, and programs to qualified students in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The office of Accessibility Services exercises a good faith effort to coordinate accommodations to enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential. To request accommodations, send an email to  You may also find additional information about Accessibility Services at Counseling & Accessibility Services | NCWU (