Emergency Response Plan

NCWU has a campus emergency notification system to warn the University community if a crisis, imminent danger or other urgent situation is present on or near the campus. If such a situation occurs, the campus-wide siren will be sounded, followed by broadcast messages on the campus computer system, voicemail and/or text messages to those individuals who have provided a cell phone number to the Campus Security Office. When the siren is heard, individuals should expect to receive a voicemail and/or text message on their cell phones and find information on the University website providing information about the emergency situation and how to respond.

Additionally, an Emergency Management Team comprised of individuals whose positions on campus or location in specific campus buildings, has been selected and trained to take specific action and provide additional information in the event of a campus-wide emergency.

To fully participate in the campus emergency notification system, members of the Wesleyan community are encouraged to provide a current cell phone number to the Campus Security Office in the Hardees Student Union. NCWU has incurred the cost of establishing and maintaining this system. The only cost to students, faculty and staff involves the possible cost of receiving a cell phone message, depending upon each individual’s mobile phone pricing plan.

Students, faculty and staff who feel that a situation exists or may occur requiring the activation of the campus emergency notification system are strongly encouraged to contact Campus Security immediately at (252) 985-5273 or (252) 406-7928.