New Scholarship Opportunities Announced

ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA – North Carolina Wesleyan University (NCWU) has announced three new scholarships that will accept applications starting Fall 2024. Each scholarship was generously offered in memory of a loved one and aligns with Wesleyan’s beliefs of being personal, practical, and purpose-driven.

Charles Randall Ranke pictured wiith his son Stephen Ranke, NCWU Infrastructure & Systems Administrator

The Charles Randall Ranke Scholarship is an annual scholarship established by Stephen Ranke (Infrastructure and Systems Administrator with NCWU), in memory of his father, Charles Randall Ranke. Charles Randall Ranke was a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy, and an Eagle Scout with the B.S.A. The scholarship will be available to any student with preference given to an Eagle or Gold Scout with the next consideration being any Veteran student. The student must be of good character, remain in good standing with the University, maintain an overall 2.5 GPA and have a financial need. In the event no student meets the aforementioned preference, it will be awarded to a worthy student according to the Universities’ general financial aid criteria. This will become available Fall 2025.

Keiya Fields McKoy and Denikee Fields Davis complete forms in honor of their mother Gail Fields

Gail B. Fields Annual Scholarship is established by Keiya Fields McKoy and Denikee Fields Davis (Student Affairs Administrative Assistant for Wesleyan) in memory of their mother. Gail Fields was not only Wesleyan’s loyal and dedicated receptionist, but friend and family. The scholarship is open to students majoring in Religious Studies to fund research, tuition, and educational expenses in furtherance of their degree. The recipient should be a sophomore, junior, or senior with a GPA of 2.5 or greater. Student selection will be determined by the Financial Aid Office and the Religious Studies Department.

Judith Vilagos Parsons ‘75 and Dr. Evan D. Duff, President

Howard Parsons Biomedical Endowed Scholarship is established by Judith Vilagos Parsons ‘75 in memory of her husband, Howard T. Parsons ‘74. Judith Parsons established an annual scholarship in 2022 that honored her late husband, but she wanted a scholarship that would remain even after her memory. Mrs. Parsons shares, “The quest for knowledge is a lifelong pursuit and for Howard and me, Wesleyan was pivotal in shaping not only our lives and careers, but also our understanding of how we can best serve others. Our hope is that this gift will assist students in their own journeys, and allow the same wonderful experience of learning Wesleyan provided us.” Primary consideration will be given to Biomedical Science students or other areas of science to fund research, tuition, and educational expenses in furtherance of their degree. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Biomedical Science faculty, with preference given to those who would most benefit academically and financially. Recipients must be a U.S. citizen of good character, remain in good standing with the University, maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA in the sciences and 2.5 overall GPA.

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