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This forum highlights the work of professors and scholars at our NCWU community, and how their work can shed light on issues of broad concern beyond their particular academic disciplines. We only open this forum to the writings of our faculty when the issues discussed are clearly tied to the academic expertise of the author.

Dr. Ami Thompson featured in The Naturalist Publication

Ami Thompson, Ph.D., NCWU Assistant Professor of Biology, recently traveled to Ohio to present a workshop with her colleagues Melissa Sanchez Herrera, and freelance biologist Sandra Hunt von Arb. They discussed the migration mysteries of the Common Green Darner dragonfly. U.S. Forest Service administrators Karin Theophile and Mike Rizo also accompanied them.  During the workshop, […]

The Right-Wing War on Accreditation

Republicans are irate that their plans to remake higher education are being stymied. Colleges have been at the center of the nation’s culture wars for decades. From boardrooms to classrooms, highly visible battles have taken place over pronouns, free speech, and curricula. Recently, a new battlefield has emerged, one that could have disastrous consequences for [...]

The Effort to Hide America’s History

Currently, in the United States, there is an attack on the content being taught in many of America’s public schools. Be it the governor in the state of Florida and his so-called “anti-woke” attack on anything that addresses the history of people of color in the U.S., or public schools where books are being banned [...]

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