Dr. Ami Thompson featured in The Naturalist Publication

Ami Thompson, Ph.D., NCWU Assistant Professor of Biology, recently traveled to Ohio to present a workshop with her colleagues Melissa Sanchez Herrera, and freelance biologist Sandra Hunt von Arb. They discussed the migration mysteries of the Common Green Darner dragonfly. U.S. Forest Service administrators Karin Theophile and Mike Rizo also accompanied them. 

During the workshop, they performed tests and collected data that will inform future international dragonfly conservation & research and hopefully reveal clues about the mystery of migration. 

VIEW PDF OF ENTIRE ARTICLE  By Ray Novotny, Naturalist Emeritus, Mill Creek Metroparks

For more information: 
Ami Thompson – Dragonfly Website

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How did scientists first come know that dragonflies migrate? This video below highlights one of the first published observations of the phenomenon and tells you where you can go to observe raptor and dragonfly migration, in Minnesota.

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