Faculty & Staff Service Awards

North Carolina Wesleyan University is truly grateful to all Faculty and Staff and their dedication to the University and the community. We like to recognize the efforts and outstanding service to the University through many ways such as honoring those who go above and beyond as well as observing years of service.

The University holds an annual Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony each spring.  The ceremony celebrates and provides recognition to faculty and staff for their years of service to the University and for exemplary service to the university and community.

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Please consider nominating faculty and staff members for specific Awards below.

Tips for Writing a Nomination

  • Be clear, specific and as concise as possible
  • Provide concrete examples of what is meritorious about your nominee
  • Include measurable results when possible
  • Speak from the heart

Faculty & Staff Service Awards

Distinguished Staff Award

This award is designed to honor those staff members who have exhibited outstanding work performance and/or service and dedication to the University or the community. Examples include, but are not limited to, outstanding program development, positive attitude in relationships with faculty, staff and students, noteworthy achievement or exemplary leadership on the campus or in the community’s of continuous service to the University.

All staff members with at least one calendar year of employment at Wesleyan are eligible for nomination except for those with corporate faculty status or those who serve on the President’s Executive Team. Nominations are made by faculty and staff.  Each year’s recipient is determined by the President and the Executive team.  Prior recipients of the award are ineligible for consideration.

> Distinguished Staff Award Form

Distinguished Staff Award Recipients

1990 – Angela D. Bennett
1991 – Carolyn Whitener
1992 – C. Cliff Sullivan
1993 – Pamela Gourley
1994 – Edna C. Farmer
1995 – Dorothy D. Grant
1996 – Janice W. Stump
1997 – William Roy Wadsworth
1998 – Carol A. Carson
1999 – Dianne H. Taylor
2000 – Grace Wallace
2001 – Darrell Whitley
2002 – Heather Daniel
2003 – Brad L. Wingo
2004 – Rachel Dix
2005 – Vickie H. Fleming
2006 – Martha Proctor
2007 – Shelia P. Martin and Susan B. Autrey
2008 – Mildred Batchelor
2009 – Emily Perry and Laura Estes
2010 – Joshua Cain and Doretha Chichester

2011 – Patricia Brantley and Annette Everett
2012 – Erma Hedgepeth and Keisha Barnes
2013 – Katie Farrell and Vickie Sessoms
2014 – Ann Watson and Greg Boykin
2015 – Stephanie Battle and Brittany Hays
2016 – Joni Gardner
2017 – Rikki Rich
2018 – Tammy Robinson
2019 – None
2020- None
2021- Leah Hill and Dawn Turner
2022- Vickie Davidson and Andrew Votipka
2023- Teikisha Anderson and Ayra Sundbom

Wesleyan Service Award

Full-time employees may be nominated in recognition for consistently demonstrating outstanding service to the university or community that is above and beyond their job responsibilities. Nominations will be reviewed by the President and the Executive Team to determine if a Wesleyan Service Award should be granted. At the time of granting, the employee will be recognized and given a service coin. Recipients of a Wesleyan Service Award will be recognized annually at the Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony that will occur in the spring. Each person who has received a coin up to that point will have their coin placed in a drawing. There will also be other incentives for those who reach 6 and 12 coins.

> Wesleyan Service Award Form

2023 Wesleyan Service Award Recipients

Dr. Kelvin Spragley
Dr. Spragley developed our iBelong program, a funding initiative by NCICU to support Black males with persistence to graduation. He successfully recruited his first group of mentees and personally mentored this group along with the student leader, Kahlil Robertson. Among many of the activities they have completed, they recently traveled to Washington, DC, for an enriching cultural experience. Dr. Spragley spends countless hours ensuring this program is a success and will be sustainable for the future.

Kaley Sharpe
Kaley Sharpe is involved in several important community projects in the Nash County area that benefit the local community. Many of these involvements surround the enhancement of the human condition. Kaley has volunteered as an Assistant Coach for the Nash Central Swim team, her alma mater, and has helped shape the lives of young high school athletes. Kaley also serves as a member of the Rotary while supporting Tri-County Industries. TCI’s mission is to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities and/or disadvantages through work assessment, job training, and placement. Ms. Sharpe also volunteers with HOPE University. HOPE University is a church-affiliated program that assists young adults with disabilities and allows them to participate in social activities and service projects.

Dr. Kaitlin Pericak
Dr. Pericak spends her free time mentoring and providing additional resources to our women’s lacrosse team. You can often find her on the sidelines at practices, games and working with the coaches. Her mentoring of these students happens on and off the field. Along with the hard work of our Lacrosse coaches, Dr. Pericak is improving the student experience for these young women.

Wesleyan Service Award Past Recipients:

2020 – Drs. Carl & Jackie Lewis and Dr. Brittany Bass
2021 – Steve Burrell, Leah Hill, Lois Hart, Jessica Brys-Wilson, Patricia Brewer and Mike Armbruster
2022 -Khira Young, Doreen Thierauf, Jarrod Kelly, Joyce Bartlett, Greg Boykin, Stephen Ranke, Chris Imoukhuede, Tim Donovan, Marcus Rich, Wayne Sears, Lynne Patterson

Exemplary Teacher of the Year

Awarded to a faculty member of the University for their dedication and commitment to their students and the University.  Nominations are made by students. The award is presented during Commencement each year.

> Exemplary Teacher Award Form

Exemplary Teacher Award Past Recipients

1992 –  Richard L. Watson III
1993 –  Jay R. Quinan
1994 –  Rexford F. Tucker
1995 –  Cal Wynkoop
1996 –  Vivian Anderson
1997 –  Dana M. Ford
1998 –  Leverett T. Smith, Jr.
1999 –  Kenneth V. Finney
2000 –  R. Steve Ferebee
2001 –  Erica F. Kosal
2002 –  Kathy Wilson
2003 –  Amy Karnehm-Willis
2004 –  Janice Flemming
2005 –  Carol Lawrence
2006 –  Gail T. Stafford
2007 –  Stanley R. Smedley
2008 –  Amy Karnehm-Willis
2009 –  Bill Yankosky
2010 –  Jackie G. & Carl R. Lewis

2011 –  Heather A. Louch
2012 –  Patricia G. Brewer
2013 –  Patricia Brewer
2014 –  Kathryn Carroll
2015 –  John Temple
2016 –  Johnathan Sarris
2017 –  Fred Sanborn
2018 –  Jay Quinan
2019 –  Erica Kosal
2020 – Clarence “Tony” Sawyer
2021 –  Meir Magal
2022 – Daniel Elias

Jefferson Pilot Award

Regarded as one of the highest honor and form of recognition a faculty member may receive.  Awarded for the faculty members scholarly contributions to their students, the university, and their professional field of study. Nominations are made by Faculty Council. The faculty member will deliver a lecture for the university and community in the spring of the year. There is a grant available to the recipient for professional development.

Jefferson Pilot Award Past Recipients:

Dr. Levert T. Smith, Jr.- 1982-83 1991-92
Dr. Douglas J. Goodwin – 1984-85; 1985-86
Dr. Richard L. Watson, III – 1987-88; 2003-04
Dr. Kenneth V. Finney – 1988-89
Dr. David A. Jones – 1989-90
Dr. Linda Flowers – 1990-91
Dr. Paul J. deGategno – 1992-93
Dr. Allen S. Johnson – 1993-94
Dr. C. Dale Therrien – 1994-95
Dr. Mary Lou Steed – 1995-96
Dr. Barbara L. Perry-Sheldon – 1996-97
Dr. Marshall A. Brooks – 1997-98
Mr. Everett M. Adelman – 1998-99
Dr. Jay R. Qui nan – 1999-00
Dr. Steve Ferebee – 2000-01
Dr. Vivienne M. Anderson – 2001-02
Dr. Fred A. Grissom – 2002-03
Dr. Erica E. Kosal – 2004-05
Dr. Ron Smith – 2005-06

Dr. Jay Stubblefield – 2006-07
Dr. Nancy Floyd – 2007-08
Dr. Bill Yankosky – 2008-09
Dr. Jonathan D. Sarris – 2009-10
Dr. Carol Lawrence – 2010-11
Mr. Roger Drake – 2011-12
Dr. Kimberly Martin – 2012-13
Dr. Meir Magal – 2013-14
Dr. Fred Sanborn – 2014-15
Ms. Kathy Winslow – 2015-16
Dr. Heather Louch – 2016-17
Dr. John Temple – 2017-18
Dr. Lee Templeton – 2018-19
Dr. Jeffrey J. Kuglitsch – 2019-20
Dr. William J. Grattan, III – 2020-21
Dr. Wendy Achilles – 2021-2022
Dr. Patricia Brewer – 2022-2023

Chuck Taylor Leadership Award

This award is for an individual whose own performance is exemplary but is also an effective leader of people.  Nominees are expected to positively demonstrate the University’s core values (Knowledge, Understanding, Integrity, Accountability, Patience, Respect, Kindness, and Empathy). A $250 cash incentive and plaque will be given. Must be submitted by March 15th each year.

Selection Criteria

Must be a full-time staff or faculty employee with at least 2 years of tenure who demonstrates and lives the following:

  • Principles of servant leadership
  • Building community by promoting a work environment that is respectful, collegial and supportive
  • Orienting goals and achievements in line with the University’s mission
  • Exhibiting strong stewardship of institutional resources (time, talent, financial)
  • Developing a shared vision of institutional excellence
  • Fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity, which contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of productivity

Chuck Taylor Leadership Award Past Recipients

2021 – Jessica Brys-Wilson
2022 – Joy Smallwood
2023 – Andrew Votipka

Inspirational Bishop Award

This award exemplifies a person who inspires a positive attitude and outlook that directly affects students, faculty, staff and the greater campus community.

Selection Criteria:

Must be a full-time faculty or staff member with at least one year of tenure who demonstrates and lives the following:

  • Principles of Positivity:
    • Inspiring
    • Optimistic
    • Enthusiastic
    • Encouraging/Cheerleader
    • Collaborative
  • Builds community by promoting an inspiring and successful work environment with a positive attitude and enthusiasm that infects others
  • Orients goals and achievements in line with the University’s mission
  • Develops a shared vision of institutional excellence
  • Fosters an atmosphere of positive outcomes

This person makes an extraordinary effort to support others and improve morale in the department with a positive impact on students, faculty and staff.

Nominees are expected to positively demonstrate the University’s core values (Knowledge, Understanding, Integrity, Accountability, Patience, Respect, Kindness, and Empathy).

Selection Committee:

President & President’s Executive Team


Nominations must be received no later than March 15th each year.


An acrylic plaque will be given at the University’s Award Ceremony.


  • Name and contact information of nominee
  • Name and contact information of person submitting nomination
  • A description of nominee’s qualification per the criteria

Selection will be made by March 31st in order to include as part of the Faculty/Staff Award event.

> Inspirational Bishop Award Form

Inspirational Bishop Award Recipients:

Jennifer Anderson
Gail Fields
Jocelyn Blount
John Thompson

Longevity Award

For recognition of full-time faculty and full and part-time staff for their years of service.  Recognition will be awarded in 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, etc. increments of continuous service to the University.