NCWC Students Job Shadow at Grover Gaming in Greenville, NC

ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA – While many college students spend their spring breaks traveling or visiting their favorite beach, several students at NC Wesleyan took the time to learn about career development. The College’s Office of Career Development & Leadership organized an opportunity for a small group of NCWC juniors to visit Grover Gaming in Greenville, NC. On Tuesday, March 8 and Wednesday, March 9, these students were exposed to many aspects of the organization’s business, including their game development studio. Grover Gaming’s Greenville location is home to game developers, 3D artists, release QA testers, research and development engineers, and several other teams.

(L-R) Jessie Langley, Associate Dean of Career Development & Leadership; Naomi Pilapil, NCWC Student; Ki Vera Pardillo, NCWC student; Mohamet-Faye, NCWC Student.

All students who participated are Computer Information Systems majors. They were able to learn about the mission, vision and values within the company, benefits of full-time positions and the intersection of various departments. As an added bonus, each student received a professional headshot taken by Grover Gaming.

“When I heard Grover’s president, Garrett Blackwelder, discuss the meaning behind the company name being rooted in the concept of growth, I knew I had brought our students to a great place for a developmental experience. Mr. Blackwelder genuinely explained that “Grover” was selected to reflect his vision for the organization to “grow over and over” in the game development industry and also for his entire team to continually grow professionally and personally,” stated Jessie Langley, Associate Dean of Career Development & Leadership at NC Wesleyan. “Our visit confirmed this as I found the Grover culture to be intoxicatingly warm while also laser-focused on the company’s goals.”

Ki Vera Pardillo, one of the NCWC students who took part in this opportunity, witnessed how her training in the classroom could apply to a full-time career after college. She states: “I got to see a real-life setting for the development processes of gaming software ranging from graphic design to the deployment of their products. I was also able to ask software developers and programmers which methods and development tools they use to create the programs, as well as how they improve their products to have a competitive advantage.”

Langley hopes to continue facilitating future visits to Grover Gaming so that additional students can learn specifically about the game development side of the business.

About Grover Gaming

Founded in Greenville, NC, Grover Gaming is a software development and design company with offices and distribution facilities in 9 different states that specializes in electronic gaming throughout the US and Canada. Grover Gaming has evolved from a small gaming route started by founder Garrett Blackwelder in 2003, to a company of over 350 talented employees, focused on building a strong foundation of humble, passionate people, effective processes, and superior products. That vision continues, thanks to our growing team of dedicated employees and their desire to create innovative and entertaining gaming experiences for an ever-changing industry.  Grover Gaming is a multiyear recipient of Inc Magazine’s prestigious Inc 5000 award, ranking #194 in 2020. 

NCWC’s E-Sports Club Partners with WHIG-TV

ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA – North Carolina Wesleyan University’s e-sports club, The Bishop Gaming Association (BGA), recently developed a partnership with WHIG-TV to provide training opportunities for students. Future plans of the partnership include the development of a 30-minute show that will be aired on WHIG-TV, along with job shadowing and internship opportunities.

“We are delighted to be partnering with WHIG-TV. They have been the source of local TV content in Rocky Mount for years. This partnership will provide our students with a unique way to engage with the local community,” stated Chantoni Grant, Admissions Counselor and Director of the Bishop Gaming Association. “This would not have been possible without Dr. Gena Messer-Knode (NC Wesleyan’s Dean of Career Services and Business Innovation), Sandra Smith (General Manager of WHIG-TV) and Robert Morris (Technical Director of WHIG-TV) who were committed to providing Wesleyan students with a remarkable learning opportunity.”

The BGA was founded by Grant during his time as a student in 2019. The club aims to promote the culture of gaming, media and entertainment by providing experiences, advice, awareness and resources to students who are interested in growing in these fields. It has quickly become the College’s largest student organization, averaging more than 80 members over the past three years. Students within the club shoot, edit and produce a bi-weekly segment called “BGA News,” which is broadcast on televisions throughout campus and on The BGA’s social media accounts.  

The BGA partnership with WHIG-TV will provide students with the ability to explore broadcast technique, filming, editing and production. Through these opportunities, students will receive hands-on experience applicable to their future career paths.