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NC Wesleyan University welcomes the opportunity to create meaningful partnerships and collaborations with the private funding sector.

We believe that significant outcomes for students, faculty and corporations begin with collaboration. Learn more about how we prepare our students for professional advancement, lifelong learning and responsible participation in their communities.

Partner with NC Wesleyan University to offer industry tours/open houses, job shadowing, internships, work-based projects and other education initiatives. Together we can lead our next generation to be career-ready.

If your organization is interested in learning more about potential opportunities or how to make connections on any of our campuses, please contact the Office of Advancement at 252.985.5266.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why build a partnership with NCWU?

A partnership with NCWU allows you to target the right students, build alliances for hiring, and gain valuable resources for future development. Wesleyan has many strong resources; the alumni association, networks of employers hiring graduates, internship programs, etc. A true partnership is a solid base for the recruitment of Wesleyan students and Alumni.

What are the benefits to an employer for partnering with NCWU?

Employers can advertise their job openings to students and alumni through the university’s web-based posting system at no cost. Organizations can also schedule on-campus recruiting visits, attend career fairs, and host students for career-development experiences (tours, job shadowing, internships). These are just a few of the benefits that employers can see from a partnership with NCWU.

What are the benefits for the employees?

Career development is always among the top three reasons employees stay with or leave a company. Having a corporate partnership with NCWU helps showcase to your staff the importance of career development and degree attainment. Having an established education partner ensures that you’re pairing your employees with a university where they can attain a degree or further develop skills required for success within your organization.

How your corporate partnership affects NCWU student outcomes?

Wesleyan students benefit by having access to organizations they may not have been able to connect with before. They can attain valuable experience related to their majors and can identify and make connections with potential employers. When students see the relevance of pursuing a career in a specific industry they are motivated to stay in school and do their best.

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Learn More About Our Career Services Initiatives

North Carolina Wesleyan University’s Office of Career Development & Leadership (OCDL) at Wesleyan assists students’ professional development and serves as a resource to students, faculty, and the business community. 

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