NCWU Receives Grant Funds for Educator Preparation Program

North Carolina Wesleyan University is one of 31 schools to recently receive grant funds to support its Educator Preparation Program (EPP). North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU), the statewide office representing 36 private, nonprofit colleges and universities, recently disbursed a total of $248,000 in subgrants from the Goodnight Educational Foundation to support the work of the faculty in each individual program. The work includes enhancing, redesigning, and developing effective literacy coursework, practica, and internships based on the Science of Reading. Each of NCICU’s 31 EPPs received $8,000 in grant funds following an application and review process. Pending continued funding from the Goodnight Educational Foundation, each of the 31 EPPs will receive an additional $7,600 in 2023 to fully implement their projects. To learn more, please visit NCICU’s website.

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