OCDL Career & Pre-Internship Handbook

The Office of Career Development & Leadership (OCDL) provides this handbook for students that are preparing for an internship or seeking assistance with their career development.

The OCDL Career & Pre-Internship Handbook covers essential aspects of career development and helps equip you with valuable insights and strategies for securing internships and thriving in your chosen field. Included in the handbook are the following:

  • Career and Pre-Internship Application
  • Career Exploration Questions
  • Examples of Resumes, Cover Letters, Reference List and Thank You Notes
  • Fonts, Action Words and ATS
  • Elevator Pitch and Interview Preparation Questions
  • Step-by-Step: Handshake Account, Securing an Interview & LinkedIn Pages
  • Charting the Path: Guide to Applying for Graduate School
  • International F-1 Visa Student Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Enrollment Documents
OCDL Career & Pre-Internship Handbook