Khalil Robertson’s Leadership and Journey at NCWU

ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA – A true man of many talents, Khalil Robertson is a senior graduating from North Carolina Wesleyan University. Although he has a bright future ahead, he will be leaving NCWU with a touching and lasting impact. Robertson has been active on campus, supporting multiple student ministries, a leader for the Male Minority initiative developed on campus with NCICU, and has accepted a full-ride scholarship to Duke Divinity School where he will obtain a Master of Arts in Christian Practice (MACP).  

Recent graduate, Khalil Robertson, accepted a full-ride scholarship to Duke Divinity School.

Robertson is a prime representation of the personal, practical, and purpose-driven education that students receive at Wesleyan. He started attending NCWU in 2020, the first academic year held during COVID-19. This did not intimidate him from getting involved and engaged in the campus community as he tuned into Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) via zoom. During the spring semester, he began teaching Bible studies and attending Refuge Campus Ministry. He was instantly involved with campus ministries every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Robertson was Assistant Chaplain to Reverend Barry Drum in 2020 where he had the opportunity to conduct a baptismal service. Upon Reverend Ferguson’s hire, the two formed an immediate bond and Robertson shares, “If it wasn’t for him I can say I wouldn’t be as confident in myself and ministry without him”. The preaching led to counseling and taking part in the worship teams. Robertson expresses “As a graduating senior, I have really enjoyed the community that I’ve been a part of in all the ministries, it’s really been a life changing experience for me, and I thank God for the relationships built with the Moore family, Word Tabernacle Church, Presence Church, Connect YTI, and so many others.” Rev. Ferguson responds, “I am proud of Khalil and excited for his future. He will make a positive, lasting impact wherever he goes and I am grateful that God allowed our paths to cross.”

As a member of Wesleyan’s Black Student Association, Robertson shares, “I got into a community that felt like my family away from home.” He took this further his sophomore year by creating an organization for black male students. Sprouting from the Male Minority Initiative with NCICU, Robertson established a vision, a board of gentlemen, and an organization called Black Men Winning, with the assistance of Tim Carmichael, Giavonne Minns, Yutaka Bell, Jonah Purnell, Jaydon Denmark, Tim Willis, and leader Rev. Russell Rouse, initial advisor. 25-30 men were inducted during their first ceremony in 2022. In the second year, Dr. Spragley assumed the role of advisor where he and Robertson expanded this group beyond campus and into the Rocky Mount Community. Robertson said he was inspired by Rouse and Spragley to “take a holistic approach in developing and empowering the members in a spiritual aspect by having Bible study, traveling to other churches, counseling members individually, and ultimately helping students find outside grants to help fund their education.” Dr. Spragley worked with NCICU, making it possible for members to achieve an additional scholarship as being part of the organization. This extended to etiquette workshops, mental health workshops, hosting inspirational guest speakers, taking part in city-wide panels, retreats, community service projects with Ripple Effects and St. John AME Zion Church, study hall sessions, registration workshops to ensure being on the right track for graduation, and hosting events such as: Ebony Speaker Ball, 7V7 Football Tournaments, Game Night Tournaments, Love Day, etc.! Through all of that, Robertson believes “being intentional is the number one value that I believe carries the organization to new levels. It’s what brings guys closer, makes members stronger, and inspires others to be part of what we’ve built.” Their motto is “A successful black man is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at him.” He plans to remain involved in the ministry, but leaves the leadership to its current members and Dr. Spragley who states, “Mr. Robertson has proven himself to be a leader in the truest sense. His dedication to providing resources and opportunities to young men of color is an admirable skill set.”

Robertson’s future endeavors will be in the Master of Arts in Christian Practice Hybrid program at Duke Divinity where he looks to work as a high school social studies teacher for Wake County Schools, still actively preaching and pursuing to pastor in the CME Church. He concludes by sharing “I’m truly grateful for the support of my professors, the students, staff and faculty from the Wesleyan community, the many churches regardless of denomination, and my family for everything they’ve done for me the last four years; but most of all, I thank God for what he’s already done, what He’s doing right now, and for what He’s about to do!”