Nash County Education Network

Nash County Education Network Partnership

The Nash County Education Network (NCEN) is a transfer program for Nash County Public School (NCPS) graduates who plan to continue their education at Nash Community College (NCC), with the educational goal of fulfilling their undergraduate degree at North Carolina Wesleyan University (NCWU).

This pathway ensures that graduates from both Nash County Public School and  Nash Community College are automatically eligible for admission to one of NCWU’s undergraduate degree programs. Tuition is capped at $20,000 in total for completion of both an NCC associate degree and an NCWU bachelor’s degree*. These students are offered access to academic advising and financial aid counseling by NCWU prior to enrollment at NCWU. Participants in the NCEN are offered access to any events on NCWU’s main campus in Rocky Mount, NC, at no cost.

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This collaborative initiative is designed to support local talent by offering an affordable educational pathway from high school to a bachelor’s degree within Nash County. The Nash County Education Network exemplifies community cooperation and a commitment to keeping our most promising individuals close to home.

The network not only emphasizes affordability but also cultivates a “live here, learn here, work here” ethos that benefits the entire community. Students can now seamlessly transition from K-12 at NCPS to completing their associate degree at NCC and then transfer to NC Wesleyan to complete their four-year degree.

For further information about the Nash County Education Network, please contact:

Heather Louise Finch


Kenyon “K.J.” Askew, Jr.