Twin County Higher Education Unites for Student Success

NCWC, NCC & ECC Sign Statement of Collaboration  

ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA – As the local colleges are ramping up for a new academic year, they are also working to foster a culture of collaboration between themselves. On August 1, the presidents of North Carolina Wesleyan University, Nash Community College and Edgecombe Community College met to sign a Statement of Collaboration.

“It’s important that local higher education institutions work together. What better way to collaborate than to have a Statement of Collaboration that shows Wesleyan as well as Nash and Edgecombe Community Colleges are working together on joint program development and grant opportunities. Let’s show the community we are not competitors, we work as a team,” stated Dr. Evan D. Duff, Interim President of North Carolina Wesleyan University. 

This agreement strengthens the need for collaborative discussions regarding trade-specific training and educational opportunities for the region. Each institution certifies that they will work in sync with one another to contribute to industry demands. This alliance will lead to cross-professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, while also serving the needs of students, organizations and members of these communities.

“As we collaborate and look for partnerships we welcome these opportunities… together we can make this a better region,” commented Nash Community College President Dr. Bill Carver. 

The Twin Counties is an ideal place for families to live, work and learn. This partnership benefits the community and our students as each institution unites to seek out new educational offerings and programs. 

Dr. Gregory K. McLeod, President of Edgecombe Community College, closed with, “I believe the residents of the Twin Counties and surrounding areas deserve our best, and our best can only be realized through our collaboration and teamwork. For them and for us, we can’t afford not to work together… Together We Can. Together We Will.”