NCWU Extends Educational Opportunities to Nash County Public Schools

North Carolina Wesleyan University (NCWU) and Nash County Public Schools (NCPS) recently signed a partnership agreement offering educational opportunities to employees of NCPS. The partnership allows employees to develop practical skills that they can apply to their careers through certificate, undergraduate and graduate degree programs at NCWU.

“Employees of the Nash County Public School System serve a vital role educating the next generation of young professionals in our region. At NCWU, we’re proud to offer their employees the resources they need to increase their skillset and pursue their educational goals,” stated Michael Drew, VP of Enrollment

This partnership allows NC Wesleyan to offer a one-time $250 University Award of enrollment in certificate classes to each NCPS employee during their last semester of enrollment. North Carolina Wesleyan University has certificate programs in Executive Leadership, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management and a Public Health Graduate Certificate that can be completed in as little as 16 weeks.

“We’re excited to join forces with NCWU to empower our employees through educational opportunities and foster their professional growth. This partnership highlights our dedication to nurturing a talented and skilled workforce for the benefit of our students and community,” noted Nash County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Steve Ellis.

For those who are interested in pursuing their bachelor’s degree, NCWU will offer a $1,000 University Award at the end of the first semester of enrollment in undergraduate classes. Additionally, a second award of $1,000 will be presented at the end of their last semester, for a total University Award amount of $2,000.

Employees enrolling in NC Wesleyan’s Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Criminal Justice (MSCJ), Master of Public Health (MPH) or Master of Strategic Leadership (MSSL) degree programs will receive a $500 University Award at the end of their first semester of enrollment in graduate classes. In addition, NCWU will award a second amount of $500 at the end of their last semester, for a total University Award amount of $1,000.

Mutually benefitting all parties, this partnership allows NCPS employees to receive special rates to attend NCWU. In return, the school system will market this opportunity and NC Wesleyan’s programs to all of their employees. In addition, NCPS will afford NC Wesleyan University an opportunity to educate their employees through email, on-site opportunities, flyers, brochures and the posting of other promotional materials. NCPS employees must remain employed with the school system in order for the employee to remain eligible for this award.

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