Bishop Gaming Association

North Carolina Wesleyan University’s premier Esports Program!

The Bishop Gaming Association is devoted to promoting the culture of gaming, media, and entertainment by providing experiences, advice, awareness, and resources to students interested in exploring, playing, and growing in these fields.

What we offer:  

The Bishop Gaming Association is North Carolina Wesleyan University’s premier Esports Program that is categorized into three different entities: The Elite Team, Productions, and The Club.

The Elite Team is for students looking to compete in leagues or tournaments on a collegiate level in their favorite game.

The Productions are for students interested in video editing, content creation, graphic designing, journalism, podcasting, and on-air hosting, etc.

The Club is for students who are casual gamers or spectators interested in gaming.


Where we meet:

BGA Club: Meets in the Hartness Center

BGA Productions: Meets In the BGA Productions Room located on the second floor in the Hartness Center.

The Elite Team: Meets in the Fortress Gaming Room inside the Hartness Center.

For more information about our program, you can find us here: