Villas Application Process

Villas at Wesleyan Townhomes Group Application Process

Who is eligible?

This special housing opportunity will be assigned based on a group application. In this process, students must form a same-sex group of 5 and agree on a House Leader. NCWU academic, conduct, and financial records of all applicants will be considered. Each student can only be part of 1 group application and must have a 2.5 GPA. Group applications with students with a GPA below 2.5 will not be considered.

The following are not eligible to apply:

  • Students with financial holds on their student accounts.
  • Students who already live off campus or have applied to live off campus for the upcoming year.
  • Incoming new students.
  • Students with significant NCWU Code of Conduct Violations
    Those with prior violations on file in the Student Affairs Office should email to request for their file to be reviewed in order to confirm whether they can be considered for the townhomes before they proceed to apply with a group that is depending on them. Decisions will be made based on the severity and date of the violation(s) as well as the status of any sanctions.

How will applications be evaluated?

All students on the applications must individually have a 2.5 or higher GPA.  Then the cumulative GPAs of all students applying to live together will be added together and averaged to create a cumulative GPA for the group application. The highest group GPAs of all group applications received will be assigned to live in the Wesleyan Village Townhomes. Preference will be given to applications that include at least 3 rising juniors or seniors. Incoming new students will not be considered. The total credit hours completed by the group will break any ties that may result.


What costs are associated with living in the townhomes?

Students will pay a room rate of $3,941 per semester (single) or $3,462 per semester (double) plus the cost of a full residential meal plan ($3,325-$3,548 per semester depending on the plan chosen)Note that all Villas laundry machines will run for free!


How do I apply?

Pick up a paper application from the Student Affairs Office, located in Hardee’s Suite 111 next to the Blue and Gold Dining Hall. If you are interested in being a Villa Community Leader for Res Life, email

2023-24 Application Period ends March 17th, 2023

Contact with any questions.