Business Administration

Be prepared for business management and gain valuable skills in strategic financial planning with a Business Admin Degree.

What You’ll study

Overview & Academics

The Business Administration major at North Carolina Wesleyan University provides a broad education in business. The Business Administration major provides students with a well-rounded education in general policy and strategy which is beneficial for students who want to work in a general management position, a family business or are unsure of a specific area of concentration. Students who want to own their own business can benefit from entrepreneurship concentration.

Students also have the flexibility to pursue a particular area of interest in greater depth. You may even decide to add a new concentration in entrepreneurship to your program.

NCWU also offers minor programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Logistics, Marketing and Sports Administration. Also, we have a certificate program in Human Resource Management.

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Business Program Overview

The Business Administration Bachelor of Science degree is designed to prepare students for responsible participation in their communities and for professional advancement.

In addition to preparing students for today’s occupations, the major is designed to prepare them for a society that requires life-long learning.

Instruction for the Bachelor of Science degree develops competency in discipline-specific subject matter as well as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, effective communication, ethical decision-making, computing skills and information literacy.

Here are some highlighted courses included in the Business Major:

ACC 201 – Financial Accounting
Introduces accounting as an information development and communication process that supports economic decision-making. Topics include the basic structure of accounting, accounting systems, balance sheet accounts, the income statement and the statement of cash flows.

BUS 206 – Principles of Management
A survey of the primary functions of management including planning organizing, leading and controlling. Emphasis on the importance of management as it relates to the various functional areas of both manufacturing and service businesses.

BUS 215 – International Business
Management of organizations operating in an international environment with emphasis on cross-cultural issues; differences in attitudes and behaviors; organization structure; environmental considerations; joint venture and host country concerns.

BUS 314 – Human Resources Management
Concepts and methods associated with attracting, developing and maintaining an effective work force: government legislation; human resource planning; recruitment and selection; performance evaluation; compensation and benefits; labor relations.

BUS 350 – Operations Management
Introduction to design, operation and control of systems by which material, labor and capital are combined to produce goods and services; application of analytical decision making techniques such as linear programming, forecasting, decision theory; topics include capacity planning and quality management, facility design, production planning, project management.

ENG 304 – Business Communication
Development of critical writing used in business, science, technology and government. The course will emphasize library research in professionally-related fields, assigned essays and reports, letters and memoranda oral communications, case analyses and job search strategies.

What are the courses like in Business Administration at NCWU?

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How does this degree prepare students for a career?

A Business Admin degree prepares students to plan, direct and organize an organization’s activities. This program could help someone who enjoys leadership roles and likes thinking about the big picture. You’ll be prepared to think critically and communicate effectively in a business or management environment. Also, you will gain solid communication, planning, and problem-solving skills. Graduates from this NCWU program would learn how to be responsible participants in their communities and be prepared for a society that requires life-long learning.

Business Major Career Paths:

  • Private banking and financial management industry: investment and personal, lending and loan-making.
  • Real Estate: Financing, investment, and property management opportunities.
  • Insurance and risk management.
  • Human Resources: Relay and enforce labor law, policies in employment, coordinating employee benefits.
  • Operations Management: Manage processes of workflow and production.
  • Logistics: Transportation and distribution of products and services.
  • Research and development of new products; product innovation; entrepreneurship.

Wondering what you can do with a degree from NCWU? Check out these resources from NCWU Career Development & Leadership and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET).

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