Bill Grattan, Ph.D.
Employment Type FACULTY
Program/Department English, School of Humanities

Bill Grattan, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Faculty Adviser to The Decree

Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia

A generalist, I teach first-year composition, news and sports writing, copy editing, and introductory literature courses, with particular interest in the American novella, fiction of the American South, and modern American drama. I’m the author of a novella, Ghost Runners (Pinyon Press), and a novel, The Bully of Brantley, Pa. (Black Rose Writing). My current fiction manuscript is titled “N’at.”


How long have you been at NCWU?
Since 2003

What's your favorite class that you teach?
Intro to Literature

What are your research & teaching interests?
Modern American Fiction and Drama

What is a fun fact or an interesting hobby of yours?
I attended the first night game in World Series history