College will not resume face-to-face instruction

Monday, March 23, 2020 2:36 PM Update

After much consideration, North Carolina Wesleyan University will not resume face-to-face instruction in the traditional program or seated/hybrid classes in the adult program on April 6. Please be attuned to directions from your instructors on how to complete all term requirements. Campus offices remain open for you to seek assistance in person, virtually, and via phone. For a directory of student services, please visit and

Traditional program residential students may stay in residence halls through the rest of the term with the understanding that the College’s response level could indicate further restrictions to campus life should COVID-19 directly affect our campus. We are doing everything possible to prevent this. However, Tier V response could reasonably include “shelter-in-place” directives and closing of all public spaces including the library and computer labs. (This would mean students would only be allowed to leave their rooms to collect meals from their lobbies when those were delivered – Cafeteria would be closed. Students would not be allowed to leave campus.)

Move Out Planning: 

The Viral Infection Response Team has been working on plans to manage the move-out process given the announcement we will not resume face-to-face instruction. This plan is based on the premise that we cannot mix the population of students who are still here with the population of students who have left. It is also based on the best way to manage book return after consulting with the College store manager, Marcus Rich.

Please be advised if you have left campus outside the immediate Rocky Mount area, you may not return to campus residence halls until the College has cleared you to do so. The $1,000 fine previously announced would apply to anyone violating this policy. As a result, students who have left campus may not move out until the end of the term – see below for details.

Move Out Procedure  for Those currently in Res. Halls:

  • If choosing to leave, students must move out all items and turn in keys to RA or Area Director. No outside individuals (family, friends, etc.) are allowed in the buildings to assist. Students currently residing on campus must move out by 5pm on April 25.
  • We expect most of you to keep your textbooks. Those who leave prior to the end of classes, may turn in textbooks after April 26 (or as deemed safe by the College). An extended deadline would be provided for those with justified needs (living far away, etc.)

Deciding whether to leave or stay?

Students currently residing on campus may continue to reside on campus with the understanding that the College may at some point have to escalate the response level to Tier V which could include but not be limited to the following possible measures:

  • Quarantining infected persons/isolating exposed persons.
  • Issue a shelter in place directive for residential students and live-in Residence Life staff members for at least 14 days. A “shelter in place” directive means that students would be required to self-isolate in their rooms for at least 14 days with the exception of getting food deliveries from the lobby and using restrooms. (Students would not be allowed to leave campus.)
  • Close Library and GTC computer labs for at least 14 days.
  • Commuter students are restricted from coming onto campus.
  • Other outside guests (vendors/contractors) will not be allowed on campus except for emergency response or urgent repairs/building maintenance.
  • Students living in the Wesleyan Inn will be required to move to main campus.
  • If you choose to stay, please notify your RA by noon, tomorrow, March 24.

Move Out for Those Who Have Already Left Campus

  • You may return no sooner than the tentative April 26 date to move out and turn in books. Exact date will be determined based on when the College deems it safe given local and regional conditions. It could be beyond April. The $1,000 fine previously announced would apply to anyone violating this policy and returning to campus prior to final College approval.
  • Once safe dates have been set, a 1 week period (including weekend options) would be identified with times for students to sign-up for their specific move out window (a 2 hour period on a specific date). This is tentatively scheduled for April 26 – May 3.


The ceremony originally scheduled for April 25 will be postponed until December 2020. Graduate candidates for April, August, and December may participate in the December 2020 ceremony. In lieu of a ceremony on April 25, we will create a virtual celebration to be published online that day. Tammy Harrell will be contacting you with details about this.

Student Accounts

As we continue to access the situation, we are reviewing student charges and financial aid related to room and board.  Student Accounts and Financial Aid offices will have a determination within 60 days of the end of the term and will communicate any changes to you. We appreciate your patience  during this process.

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