OCDL Career & Pre-Internship Handbook

The OCDL works closely with students to develop an understanding of the resume writing process. This includes resume basics as well as the ongoing process of revision to accommodate updates and emphasize most relevant information. Students are encouraged to first review the NCWU OCDL Career & Pre-Internship Handbook Guide and review sample resumes in the CCN Builder before they begin to write their own resume. Many students also find it helpful to utilize our office computer lab area for their writing process so they are able to leverage nearby OCDL staff for assistance as they work.

Critique Process:

If you would like to have your resume critiqued by the NCWU Office of Career Development & Leadership, please follow these steps:

  1. Closely review the “NCWU OCDL Career & Pre-Internship Handbook Tips.”
  2. Perform a self-critique of your own resume by comparing your current resume to the information in this guide.
    (It is helpful to print the guide and use it as a checklist – making notes and checking off each point as you compare it to your resume.)
  3. Revise your resume by making any edits you believe are needed based on your self-critique.
  4. Email your revised resume to career@ncwu.edu.
    (If possible, include a description of the types of opportunities you would hope to use this resume in applying for so it can be critiqued from that perspective.)
  5. Expect to hear back from our office within 3 business days (M-F).
OCDL Career & Pre-Internship Handbook