Alumni Recognition

Alumni Relations

North Carolina Wesleyan University has many dedicated alumni who have distinguished themselves in their professional or personal lives and have provided notable service to North Carolina Wesleyan University or in their community, state or nation.

The Alumni Association would like your help in identifying and recognizing those alumni who have demonstrated a high standard of performance over and beyond normal expectations and realized exceptional achievement in their field.

2022 Alumni Recognitions

All of these alumni have been actively engaged with the University and have supported different kinds of initiatives that continue to help Wesleyan grow, thereby creating an educational legacy for current and future students. We know that the history and experiences YOU, as alumni, share with us & others is why Wesleyan continues to thrive. We are so grateful for everything that you do! 

Maxie T. Coker, Jr., recipient of the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award
Ricky Ciuffetelli, recipient of the 2022 Alumni Achievement Award
Adam & Catherine Ipock, recipients of the 2022 Wesleyan Family Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to alumni with more than 10 years of alumni status who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Outstanding service to the University over a period of years
  • Personal accomplishments that enhance the prestige of the University
  • Distinguished service or accomplishment in their field (business, industry, science, or profession, etc.)

Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

nc Wesleyan distinguished alumni 2017

The Alumni Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Award is presented to a recent graduate of not more than 10 years of alumni status who has already made a significant achievement in society.

Past Alumni Achievement Award Recipients

nc wesleyan award presentations 2017

The Alumni Impact Award

The Alumni Impact Award recognizes alumni who received their degree through the Adult and Professional Studies Program who meet one or more of the following criteria: they have used their degree to advance in their profession and have made a significant impact through their work or volunteer contributions to society.

nc Wesleyan alumni achievement 2017

The Wesleyan Family Award

The Wesleyan Family Award will honor one family each year that has demonstrated special loyalty to the University over more than one generation. Examples of such loyalty might include: mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, or other family members attending Wesleyan; families who have been excellent financial supporters of the University over more than one generation; or a combination of the above.

Past Wesleyan Family Award Recipients

nc wesleyan plaque presentation