Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for financial aid at North Carolina Wesleyan University, you must:

• Be admitted to a degree program at North Carolina Wesleyan University. If you already have a degree or are registered with non-degree-seeking status, you may have limited aid eligibility and should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

• Once admitted, maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the North Carolina Wesleyan University requirements for Satisfactory Academic Process.

• Apply early for financial aid and submit all required documentation upon request. There are application deadlines and limited funding for some financial aid programs. For example, you will not be considered for the North Carolina Need Based Scholarship if your FAFSA application is not submitted by the priority deadline of April 1st. If you apply late, you also may lose eligibility for other awards.

• Maintain credit load requirements for the aid sources you are offered. Contact the Office of Financial Aid, if you have questions about how your awards will be affected if you will not be enrolled full-time.

• Meet the eligibility requirements for each aid program from which you accept financial aid.

• Comply with requests for documentation, if selected for verification.

• Be a citizen or eligible non-citizen of the United States.

• Owe no refund or repayment to a college or university, not be in default on any educational loan, or show any unwillingness to repay any educational loan.

• Be in compliance with Selective Service registration requirements (males only). To register, go to www.sss.gov.