Beginning of Semester Checklist

Checklist for Teaching


Thank you for teaching with NCWU! Please use this checklist tool with requirements and supplemental tutorials each semester to maintain excellence in your online course.

Jenzabar E-Learning Training (JET) Tutorials

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Courses should be set up at least 1 week prior to the first day of class.


Assignments should be added to into the Coursework portlet for the entire term. Instructors have the flexibility to design their coursework as long as it is approved by the program coordinator. Coursework should be clearly presented and structured in a logical, consistent, and uncluttered manner. For example, you may set up individual units for each week or use one unit for all 8 weeks. Coursework should be set up in accordance with your grade book. Provide clear instructions that clarify how assignments and assessments are to be completed and graded.


Instructors are required to utilize the gradebook within the course. Set up will depend on your individual course, syllabus, and program coordinator expectations.

Setting Up Coursework and Gradebook


All online courses should require some sort of online discussion. These should be set up under the Collaboration tab and can be tied back into gradebook.

Introduction Discussion Forum

All instructors are required to use the discussion forum to determine attendance for week 1.

  • Instructors should set up an individual discussion forum titled “Introduction Forum – For Attendance Purposes”. If you typically require a forum discussion for week 1 based on the content of this course, it should be set up as a separate discussion.
  • While you are not required to include the Introduction Forum in your final grade, you are required to tie the discussion into your coursework tab.
  • The due date for the introduction discussion should be Wednesday of week 1.
  • The introduction forum requirement should be clearly explained in your syllabus and the welcome email you send out to the class in the beginning of week 1.
  • Attendance should be reported by Friday, 10 a.m. of Week 1.

Setting Up Forums


Bookmarks are useful tools that allow you to point students to access web resource links. Bookmarks should include these NCWU Library resource links:

Creating Bookmarks


A copy of your syllabus for each course you teach should be submitted to your program coordinator one week before class starts. Some departments have standardized syllabi. A template can be found in the Faculty & Staff tab in All NCWU syllabi must include the following:

  • Course information
  • Instructor contact information (MUST use NCWU email address)
  • Course description
  • Overview of requirements
  • Prerequisites
  • Learning outcomes
  • Textbook
  • Attendance statement
  • Disability statement
  • Academic honesty statement
  • Grading scale and breakdown
  • Overview of course assignments
  • Weekly Schedule

Uploading Your Syllabus


Instructors are required to submit attendance on a weekly basis.

  • An Introduction Forum Discussion assignment is required for week 1 attendance. Set up an assignment through Forums which is linked to Coursework and due on Wednesday of Week 1. Attendance should be submitted by Friday of week 1.
  • Attendance is then submitted each Monday using the session date from the previous Monday. For example, week 2 attendance is submitted on the Monday of week 3 but the session date will be the Monday of week 2.

For traditional classes, please check out this podcast recording about attendance.

Attendance Procedures


Instructors are required to use the NCWU email accounts during the session in which they are teaching. Students should only communicate electronically through the NCWU email system.

  • Check NCWU email on a daily basis.
  • Respond to emails from students and administration within 24 hours.
  • Be available by phone when a student requests a meeting.
  • Send weekly announcements and/or emails to the class.

Posting Announcements

Student Engagement

Engage learners in a variety of instructional delivery methods including but not limited to: written narratives, presentations, videos, podcasts, websites, presentations with audio, tutorials, journal articles, readings, case studies, and discussions.


Ensure that assessment of student learning is aligned with course goals, conducted throughout the duration of the course, and uses multiple methods.

  • Clearly state the grading scale, weights, and consequences of late submissions and expectations.
  • Grade assignments within 7 days of the due date.
  • Final grades are due by 9 pm on the Friday of week 8. If it is a graduating term (Fall B, Spring B, Summer II), grades for graduating seniors will be due by Thursday of week 8.

Turnitin Academic Integrity Software

We are excited at NCWU to offer Turnitin software for instructors to use. This tool has been integrated into Jenzabar eLearning and is now available to use in your courses. Mainly known as an academic integrity solution, Turnitin also has powerful grading, feedback, and peer review tools. This tool can benefit teaching and learning in any discipline.

Link to Turnitin Playlist: 

Turnitin Tutorials

Jenzabar E-Learning Training (JET)

We are glad to offer training experiences that will complete the annual training that is required for online instructors.

Courses are delivered completely online in an asynchronous format through Jenzabar eLearning. This means that you will be able to log into the course to complete training anytime each week during the three weeks, which is designed to maximize convenience for our instructors.

Who should attend?

  • All online instructors currently teaching in Jenzabar e-learning
  • Instructors who are interested in teaching online
  • Instructors who want to use specific parts of Jenzabar e-learning such as the gradebook

How do you sign up?

Please visit, call, or email Ayra Sundbom, Instructional Technologist, at to enroll.