Stay at home order extended until Friday, May 8

Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 4:00 PM


On Thursday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced the current executive order directing North Carolina residents to stay at home to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 would be extended until Friday, May 8.

Due to the continued increase in number of cases of COVID-19 in the immediate area, the campus will maintain all parameters of the campus lockdown that went into effect on Thursday, April 9 at 5pm. The College will allow students starting Friday, April 24 to travel within a 7 mile radius only for purposes to gather groceries and/or other essential items.


For students moving off campus, the following plan is to accommodate those students who need to return to campus to retrieve their property, return keys and/or College books. If you only need to return books to the bookstore, you can choose to wait until we are able to reopen campus or mail your books back by August 1. All students who left personal property behind during the move to online classes are now required to return to campus to remove those items and return all school books and property. Please follow these guidelines when returning:

  • See the schedule below for when to return
  • You must sign up using the building link and provide date and time you wish to return and receive permission to return. This is to ensure we do not exceed the 10 person state law threshold on any floor at any time.
  • Once you receive approval you may come with up to two (2) vehicles during your assigned time slot.
  • You may bring ONLY one (1) assistant to come inside the building and assist you with your move out. Any other persons you bring MUST remain curbside and can only assist in loading your vehicle.
  • You, as well as your one (1) assistant, need to have some type of face mask, bandana or covering on at all times in the building.
  • You MUST park in the parking lot or street side- you may not park in the driveways or on the grass.
  • IMPORTANT: For Petteway, Roberson, Pash and Collins residents
    Upon entering Petteway, Roberson, Pash or Collins Halls to move out, there will be one (1) set of steps designated as UP and one (1) designated as DOWN. This flow of foot traffic is important to maintaining social distancing and must be utilized and followed. The end door (emergency exit door) near the DOWN steps of each traditional Residence Hall shall be opened to facilitate this part of the plan. The emergency door near the UP steps will not be opened for this process.
  • Upon move out, NCWC issued keys must be returned to the AD for the area. This include room, mailbox and bathroom keys (if applicable). Failure to return keys will result in charges being assessed to the account.
  • For this move out, our normal policy of having a staff member check the room at the time of move out and receive the keys will not be able to be done. Rooms will be inspected after all move outs have occurred and any damage charges will be assessed and emails will be sent from the Residence Life staff no later than May 18.
  • Items residents are throwing away need to be taken to the trash dumpsters that will be provided near Collins/Pash and near Petteway across from Roberson. Leaving trash in the hallways will result in a fine for residents.
  • Please plan ahead and bring ALL supplies you need to move out including boxes, cleaning supplies and trash bags.

The policy of persons from outside of campus assisting not being allowed in any building (except your designated assistant) will not be waived for any reason. Also be advised that you and your designated assistant are ONLY allowed access to your residence hall. You are both prohibited from entering any other campus building. If you or any guest of yours violates this mandate the fine is $1,000.00.


Resident Students

Book returns for resident students will be conducted under the Hardees Student Union patio area. We strongly suggest you do this first to increase room in your vehicle. The Book Store will be CLOSED.

  • Bring all books or other items “calculators, disk etc.” supplied by the College to the outdoor covered area during you assigned move out time.
  • You need to wear your face covering and will be required to stand 6 feet apart – markings will be on the ground.
  • You will be required to hold each book up so it can be scanned then you will place your books in the box, bin or location as directed.
  • You may not have others stand with you in line.

Commuter Students

Instructions for commuter students to return books will be sent in 2 weeks. As of now the campus remains on lockdown while we are conducting a controlled move out for residential students. Congrats to our grads!


Remember you sign up using this link for your building (below) and selected the date/time you want to arrive and move out. There is a limited number of residents per building/floor for each time slot. If there are no additional spaces for your desired time, you will need to select another time. There are 6 time slots available per building.

In order to help manage parking and distancing we will have only select buildings checking out at each time slot. Boddie, Collins and Petteway are one group and then Roberson, Pash, Jin and Taylor. Every building will have 6 options.  

All students returning to move out from these halls will need to do so between April 30 and May 3rd. An email has been sent to each student and sign-up to move out should be done through the links provided in that email to choose a move out date/time.

April 30, May 1, 2, 3

Thursday, April 30
8:30am: Boddie, Collins, Petteway
11:30am: Jin, Taylor, Pash, Roberson
2:30pm: Boddie, Collins, Petteway

Friday, May 1
8:30am: Jin, Taylor, Pash, Roberson
11:30am: Boddie, Collins, Petteway
2:30pm: Jin, Taylor, Pash. Roberson

Saturday, May 2
8:30am: Boddie, Collins, Petteway
11:30am: Jin, Taylor, Pash, Roberson
2:30pm: Boddie, Collins, Petteway

Sunday, May 3
8:30am        Jin, Taylor, Pash, Roberson
11:30am      Boddie, Collins, Petteway
2:30pm        Jin, Taylor, Pash, Roberson

Villas at Wesleyan residents will hear from Jessie Langley directly with regards to their move out schedule.

Wesleyan Inn and Bradley residents will receive an email with specific instructions regards their move out schedule.