Indoor Sports & Education Facility

Athletics. Education. Community.

A unique space unlike any other in eastern NC!

Located on the northeast side of campus, the Indoor Sports & Education Facility provides educational facilities for our Exercise Science and Health Promotion majors, as well as recreational facilities for students and members of the community. The state-of-the-art, air-supported structure is a unique space fostering community connection, academic enrichment and enhanced athletic experiences.

The Indoor Sports & Education Facility has plenty of capacity to host your next event!

The Structure

Having four indoor tennis courts allows both varsity tennis programs to host matches and tournaments, regardless of the weather. Two squash courts and a sports performance area complete the 48,000-square-foot facility allowing for various racquet sports, athletic conditioning and after-school programs to be held year-round.

Wesleyan’s Indoor Sports & Education Facility is unlike any in the eastern NC area. The approximately 48,000 square-foot software-driven, climate-controlled “smart” building automatically adjusts to changing weather conditions. The software allows for full control over temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality, which can all be controlled from a smartphone. The shell of the structure is evenly covered with a square woven cable harness system that allows for superior strength and corner protection creating unmatched structural durability.

The Amenities:

  • Tennis Courts (4)
  • Squash Center (2 Courts)
  • Golf Center (2 Golf Simulators)
  • Office Space
  • Sports Performance Center
  • Academic Classrooms
  • Exercise Science Labs
  • Balcony/Viewing Area

Interested in having your next event at the Indoor Sports & Education Facility?

For more information, contact:

Kimla Brandt
NCWU Event/Activity Logistical Coordinator
Summer Camp Director
p: 252.985.5348

Requests are not officially reserved until a confirmation is generated from the Director of Events and is received by the Event Requestor.

For reservations or to schedule a tour, contact:

Albie Brice
Head Tennis Coach of North Carolina Wesleyan University