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Jefferson Pilot Lectures

The Jefferson-Pilot Professorship is an endowed award that was established in 1981 through the generosity of the Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance Company. The honoree is nominated by a committee of faculty and appointed by NC Wesleyan President. To be eligible for consideration, the faculty member must have tenure and have clearly distinguished themselves with high standards of excellence. As teachers, they demonstrate a whole-hearted dedication and rigorous professionalism in forwarding their students’ learning and personal development for life and work. As scholars, they have to possess a mastery of their discipline, contribute to new understanding and knowledge, and demonstrate a lively commitment to life-long learning for themselves, as well as their students. Additionally, as a member of the Wesleyan community, they give generously to the aims and programs of the College, both with their time and means.

Dr. Lee Templeton

“Until the Dragon Comes”: Ragnarök and the Liberal Arts

Dr. John Temple

Our Lives Among the Reptiles

Transforming Academic Libraries

Dr. Heather Louch

Western Lifestyle, Western Diet: a Body and Microbiome out of Sync

Dr. Fred Sanborn

MEdia: How Mass Communication Influences Our Thinking and Behavior

2019 Fourth Monday Colloquia

Dr. Jarrod Kelly

Using Gamification Techniques to Improve Student Evaluation and Motivation

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2018 Fourth Monday Colloquia

Dr. Mary Whitwell

Tales from the Udder Side

Upload will be available soon for Dr. Esther Burgess

Dr. Steve Ferebee

“Salim Masud Yahya; What Are You Doing Here?”

2017 Fourth Monday Colloquia

Mrs. Amber Sheeler

Teaching Across Generations

Dr. Meir Magal

Updating the ACSM Preparticipation Exercise Screening Guidelines

Dr. Daniel Henderson

Breathing During Exercise

Dr. Lee Templeton

Weep and Call it Singing

Fall 2016 Fourth Monday Colloquia

Mr. Ian Boucher

Superhero Justice: The Power of Our Paragons to Inspire a More Dynamic Discourse

Dr. Chad Ross

Veggie Tales

Dr. Dan Stovall

All’s Not Quiet on the Wesleyan Front