Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions has the ability to take students to fantastic and unreachable places using mobile devices.

The instructor plays the role of tour guide. Students can participate in VR environments such as Wonders of the World, The Great Barrier Reef, The Kennedy Space Center, the central nervous system, and many more! Instructors have the ability to pause the expedition at any time and can view where the students are within the application.

These adventures have been created by Google developers with their professional (and expensive) VR cameras, but the greatest part is that the software is completely free. Cardboard viewers are optional in that students can view the expeditions in a 2D environment as well. Another great feature is that the tour guide device can function as the local server so the student devices do not require internet connectivity (requires LAN setup). This means that the Expeditions can happen anywhere, even where internet access is not available!