Resident Expert Program

Connect With Industry Professionals through Our Resident Expert Program

The Resident Expert Program provides students with an opportunity to work directly with industry leaders through mentoring and workshops. Through on-site and virtual opportunities, these professionals will connect with students to share their industry knowledge. Experts are chosen in a variety of fields including the fine arts, business, education, healthcare, the sciences and specific professional fields. These high-profile experts are hand-selected by the President and the administrative team.

The Resident Expert Program is designed to carry out NCWU’s “Personal. Practical. Purpose-Driven” model within our Practical Skills Academy. By gaining direct access to industry professionals, students will experience a first-person account of an expert’s career, education or training, and the ability to work directly with experts to enhance their skills. This experiential learning program emphasizes the understanding of real-world applications of students’ chosen major(s) as well as more enhanced discovery and exploration of industry.


The North Carolina Wesleyan University Resident Expert Program (WESR. E.P.) is designed to provide students with an enhanced learning experience by providing direct access to experts in industry through programming and workshops related to the experts’ fields of expertise.


  • Students have first-hand experience of experts’ work.
  • Students gain professional development and career education in experts’ industries.
  • Students workshop with experts to hone relevant industry skills.

R.E.P. Components

  • Experts exhibit their own work via presentation or showcase.
  • Experts provide relevant career education in the form of Q&A sessions, professional materials’ critique, and/or presentation on employment trends/characteristics of the industry.
  • Experts work with students to develop a specific industry-related skill or skill set.


  • Residencies consist of 2-3 events per year.
  • Events may be delivered virtually or on-site.

Upcoming Resident Expert Program Events

june, 2024