Suzanne Hening
Employment Type STAFF
Program/Department International Student Services

Suzanne Hening

International Student Services Coordinator, Junior International Advisor/DSO

More About Me

What’s your Hometown?
We’ve been living in Rocky Mount for 25 years.  I went to Jr. High, High School and college in Texas after living in three different states at six locations before age 12.

Why did you choose to work at NCWU?
I started first as a volunteer to show hospitality to international students.  Later I began working part-time in the ISS department.  I left my other job after 21 years to work here full-time.

What School(s) did you attend and degree(s) earned?
Baylor University. Waco, Texas, BA in Foreign Service, 1979
Master of International Management, 1980

What’s your Favorite eastern NC activity:
My husband and I like attending local and regional events or picking a town and spending the day exploring it.

What’s your Tip(s) for incoming students?
Read all of our International Student Services ( ISS) communications. Respond to us within a day or two of any requests we make.  We are helping you in your journey to attend this wonderful American university.

What’s your Tip(s) for applicants?
NCWU has the advantages of small class sizes and personal caring staff, faculty, and administration.  You will gain tremendous benefits from our diverse International and American student body.

What are other interesting facts about yourself?
I met my husband in the country of Turkey.

Anything else that you think a prospective student would like to know about coming to NCWU.
NCWU has tremendous academic and social programs and opportunities.  It is up to you to take advantage of all these resources so you can use these years to grow personally and academically.  You will gain the tools for a successful personal and professional life.  It is up to you to pick up the tools, to learn how to use them, and to use them.